American Classic RD2218 Rims

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by pam

^ that guy is right

I got my rims today:
377g - 24 hole front
376g - 28 hole rear

The rims are exactly as expected so far. That is the only sticker other than a tiny one covering the rim seam and they peel off easily. From what I can tell the spoke bed is about 1.9mm thick and about 600mm in outer diameter ( has 601mm "Nipple Seat Diameter" in their calc). That puts the ERD, the diameter of the ends of the spokes, in the 604mm range. The spoke holes inside the rim are 8.5mm so I went with red veloplugs. I ordered at $99 each from USPS shipping worked with no taxes to Canada.


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by LloydP

Looks good! I'm still working out where best to get them from in the UK...

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by pam

I measured the spoke holes at just under 8.5mm but red veloplugs are too small, they fall off the rim. The diameter of the of the spoke ends at the bottoms of the nipple slots is 603mm I'd say measuring a second time with Sapim 12mm Aluminum Poly-Ax nipples. Spoke hole drilling appears to be centered and symmetrical. Build for the front went perfectly with the spokes just poking into the nipple slot. I wish these rims came in silver, the brake tracks are as wide as the part painted black.
    558 g for the front:
  • 24 radial heads in
  • 287 mm Sapim lasers
  • 12 mm Sapim polyax aluminium nipples
  • Novatec A291SB-SL

More photos of the wheels with tires
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by istigatrice

What are the internal dimensions of these rims? Are they much better at holding onto tyres than the Stans ZTR340?

Just saw that on the AM website they do not recommend a tubed set up, are you running these tubed?
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by pam

The rims measured exactly as shown on the AC website. I'm using standard tires and tubes which is supported acording to AC. There is a bit more info in my gallery post, linked above in this thread.


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by Chasseur

I just built up a pair of these. The rear is a BHS hub, 28 spokes, Sapim Race DS/Laser NDS. I built to 123 kgf DS, which gave me about 55 NDS. I mounted and inflated a Hutch Piranha 2 34mm. At 35 psi my NDS are unmeasurably slack, the DS are about 78kgf.

So. Do I unmount and retension above spec (which I am reluctant to do for the sake of the alloy nipples and general health of the spoke holes) or retension with the tire mounted? If mounted, what tension? When I unmount the tire, do you all think will my rims be damaged?


Edit: My first inclination is to retension mounted to about 110 DS/50 NDS and hope for the best. Not sure how I will get the dishing right as the tire interferes with my dishing tool and my stand is very..."economical." These are intended to be CX race wheels and I weigh 165 fwiw.

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by djconnel

prowheelbuilder wrote:Although the A23 may be a bit stiffer both vertically and laterally I prefer the tubeless profile of the AC 2218 and the 2218 is much lighter (by about 60 grams per rim which is roughly equal to 18 lbs per climbing mile in moment of inertia weight).

This is an old thread but I had to comment here: I don't quite know what you mean by "climbing mile in moment of inertia weight" but when climbing all that matters is total mass, not moment of inertia. So the relevant number is 120 grams, that is all.

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