Rims to go with DA 9000 hubs

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by kauphy

Hi guys,

I recently found great deals on a 24h front and 32h DA9000 hubs and pounced on them since I had been lusting after them for long. My intended usage for the wheels built with these hubs would be to get strong, reliable and durable all-round race wheels. I weigh about 85kg and a 28h rear would have been ideal but the 32h hub was almost half the price!

I'd like to go with something like 38mm or 50mm (generic chinese) carbon clincher rims. For the front wheel, getting a 24h rim shouldn't be a problem. I think Farsports sell both the 38mm and 50mm versions in 32h as well but what I wanted to ask if a triplet lacing would be possible on a 24h rim with a 32h hub (theoretically, I'm thinking it should be - 16DS and 8 NDS spokes) and if yes, will doing a triplet lacing on the rear be a good idea? If not for the 38mm, for the 50mm?


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by Asymptotic

Deeper rims generally make it more acceptable to use a lower spoke count, often 24-20h on the rear for the depths you have stated. I don't recall seeing many deeper rims coming in 32h options but seeing as you already have the hub I'm sure you could get a custom drilling from companies like Farsport.
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by grover

Triplet on the rear would be suitable. Just make sure the spoke holes are drilled/moulded either centrally or specifically for triplet lacing. Most of the generic rims have their spoke holes moulded/drilled at alternating angles to point towards one flange or the other. If you use a rim like this you'll have a number of nipples exiting the rim angled towards one flange but the spoke bending around to the other.

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by drewb

Light bicycle drilled one of their 45mm u shaped rims in a 32h triple pattern for me. No problems.

Did the 28 in a double.

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by kauphy

Thanks, guys. Will just look for solid 24h/24h build options then.

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by kauphy

Also, do you guys know any manufacturer (besides corima) who offers 24mm rims in a 32h variant?

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by Briscoelab

24/24 makes no sense. IMO. Either your front wheel is over built, or the rear is under built. My only exception is straight up training wheels, which I sometimes use at 32/32... but even then I typically build 28/32.

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by kauphy

I agree it isn't ideal but I can live with a slightly overbuilt front wheel. Also, DA hubs don't come in a 20h version I believe.

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by Derf

I'd be asking for a custom drilling on a 32sp rear. Maybe not as sexy, but you'd have a VERY strong rear wheel and no funny business with spoke angles being off. Especially if you're a stronger 85kg rider.

Don't know if you'd have the clearance, but maybe 1x DS and 2x NDS with some nice bladed spokes would make for a killer setup.

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