Removing SwissStop Yellow residue

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by seanblurr

So far these pads have exceeded expectations with braking performance on my new Cosmic 40c's, except for one small thing. They are leaving an incredible amount of residue on the wheel braking surface turning it a very visible yellow. It's silly I suppose, but I am switching to the new Black Prince pads. Any tips on getting the yellow residue off the wheel? I've tried simple soap and water as well as Windex, neither worked.
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by eric

Acetone. It's not the best thing for people so wear gloves.

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by nfecyle

I don't think you need to remove it. Once you put a new brake pad, the pad will remove the old residue. I switched to Reynolds blue recently from Swisstop yellow. I had a lot of yellow residue on my braking track. It did disappear, but now I have blue residue from the reynolds pads.

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by Zoro

Lacquer thinner. Acetone works too. BTW - depending on the type of decals and paint job you have, it may remove those too.
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by Geoff

In my experience, cleaning pad gunk off with just a solvent and a rag is not going to work very well. I recommend using a fine Scotchbrite pad (the green ones) with the solvent. Be gentle.

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by VPR

SwissStop makes an eraser for this specific use:

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by seanblurr

Thanks for the tips
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by wetpaint

After a while, the pads quit leaving residue on my rims. Riding in the rain also works great for cleaning off the residue.

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by joestralia

Try Soft Scrub cleanser. You can do some focus cleaning by applying a small amount on a damp (not overly wet) rag and rub on gently with finger pressure. Wipe off thoroughly and done!

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