Sub 1000g wheelset for 85kg rider

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by Wcl4

Is there a set that's reliable? I was looking at Enve 1.45 20/24 with Tune Mig 70/Mag 170 or a bit heavier with the Alchemy ELF and ORC UL.

I heard the 1.25 may be a little flexy for a heavier rider. I've also seen the AX Lightness wheels, but I'm a bit leery of how strong those are. I'd like to keep the wheels as still as possible.

As an FYI, I already have a set of Lightweight Gen III standards at 1150g, so if I'm going to spend the money, I would like it be noticeably lighter. The Lightweights are currently on a different bike, and I'd be looking at the ENVEs for a new ultra lightweight project.

Thanks in advance.

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by Zoro

I *think* you can get this. I raced master tandem on 250kg+ variations (depending on partner) on tubs and stock wheels. While I totally agree you should not set weight as a goal, I was using a 500g 20 hole Nimble Fly as a front wheel, and a Nimble Crosswind 650g front and 750g rear for several years until I broke the first spoke on the fly. Ran Tufo 165 @ 180PSI. We didn't sprint on these or stand up much, but these were good.

Still you are much better off finding the wheel with the ride you want than weight.

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