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by campbellrae


I have searched around on this forum and others but can't seem to find many answers. I'm looking for a tub that you can train on and race on, with a tan sidewall preferably. I already have Vittoria Corsa Evo CX's on a carbon wheelset for races with a good surface, so these are going on my nice day training and poor surface/wet day racing wheels(Campag Record/Ambrosio Nemesis). The Conti Sprinter/Sprinter Gatorskin look like they might be the best bet, certainly seems to be the favorite from the other threads I have been through, but I definitely prefer the look of a tan walled tub for a more classic look. Current shortlist is:

Dugast Paris Roubaix 25's

Veloflex Roubaix

Vittoria Pave CG

Conti Sprinter Gatorskin

Conti Sprinter

Although to be honest I am unsure of the toughness of my first three choices. If I have missed anything please let me know. Have been put off going for something like a Vittoria Rally or Conti Giro because of mixed reviews on the quality and ride, although I have no personal experience with them, just reading reviews online.

I live in the city so the tire needs to be quite tough, which is putting me off the Dugasts a little I think. They may be wonderfully supple but I would have thought that would make them more likely to pick up little pieces of glass etc? Perhaps ageing would help this?

I'm pretty stuck on this one, as each tire seems to have it's benefits and draw backs, any help or other suggestions would be great!



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by Geoff

I have used a bunch of those tires. Of them, my favoite is the Dugast Paris Roubaix. I run them as seta 27's on my 'pave' wheelset. In my experience, they are about as durable as tires get. The large volume allows you to run low pressures for traction and comfort without pinch-flatting and the sidewall design provides good protection against the cobbles.

Vittora Pave tires are very durable standbys, as well. I like the Vittoria tread pattern a lot. Don't make the mistake of riding Vittoria Rally tires. Life is too short.

Conti Sprinters are durable as hell. I have never personally ridden them (as I find the Conti Comps more than durable enough for me), but I do use them on the ultimate tough tire mule - my wife. If my wife can't flat a Conti Sprinter in 6 or 7 years, then I thinkl that the only way they can be flatted is by deliberate action (and just having my wife on a bike is tantamount to deliberately trying to cause flats).

For all of these tires, they are all great for their role. Tires like the Dugast, FMB and Vittoria Paris-Roubaix (I have never used the Veloflex) are for racing on the worst roads in Europe. I think they would make great training tires, too. What they aren't, is general-purpose racing tires. They are heavy, big and squishy. Personally, I prefer the road 'feel' of a 22mm tire for general road racing on 'normal' roads.

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by bm0p700f

Conti sprinters for me, Pave for comfort but pave's are expensive. In Suffolk I find it easy to flat any tyre riding here is like riding on road covered in sharp knifes (flints washed off the fields). Riding tubs here is expensive but I still do it.

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by LionelB

I have your exact same wheelset. Go with the Veloflex Roubaix, you won't be disappointed.... Properly aged they last a long time and are super smooth. FMB or Dugast PR are a fantastic option as well but more $$$.

Below that same wheelset you have with veloflex arenberg (black sidewall version of the roubaix).


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by NealH

I also recommend the Veloflex Roubaix. A really nice riding tire, and suitably durable. One of my riding buds likes the Conti Sprinter. Good tires too.

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by dual

I rode Veloflex Roubaix and Vittoria Pave for years during winter. Both are very good tubs for the job, but i liked the Roubaix more. It's robust with a lot of rubber, is really supple and gives a very comfortable ride when at 6 bars on a rim like the Nemesis...

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by campbellrae

Thanks for all of the replies. I think it's coming down to either the Dugast or Veloflex Roubaix now. The Dugasts are pretty much the same price as the Veloflex(from Ribble/Wiggle etc) when bought through their webshop so I think I am swaying that way at the moment. I would prefer to keep my money local but can't find anyone in the UK that sells them. Any suggestions?

How do they come up size wise? I will struggle to fit anything bigger than a 26 in my frame.

Thankfully we don't have the same problem with flints as the south of England up here, I lived in Hertford for a year and couldn't believe how many flats I had! It's mainly just little bits of glass and other urban crap that I have to deal with. That and terrible road surfaces, some of it is just as rough as some of the cobbled sections I have ridden in northern France...

Thanks again,


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by dual

velo-motion.com sells the Roubaix for 52.- euros. Doubt you can get a Dugast for that.

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