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by anthony2231

I have a Record 10 speed Cassette (11-25) and would ideally like to find 11 - 28... I don't think it is made? I have heard that Record cassettes can be rebuilt to change the gearing... I've also heard that it's not possible... anyone know for sure?

Thank you!

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by bikerjulio

10-speed Record cassettes use 2 or 3 sets of paired sprockets. You would have to look at yours to check. You can make up a new cassette using Veloce individual cogs for the larger ones. Veloce cassettes are in the $40 range.

I'm guessing your 11-25 is


Campy do make a Veloce 13-29 cassette, so in theory you can make up a 11-29 discarding the paired sprockets (spacer issues too) as follows:

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