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by dha

So am soon to pick a set of wheels. Narrowed down to two models but not sure which to go for. Either the enve 25 (1105g on king hubs) or the enve SES 3.4 (1320 on king hubs). These will be my only set of wheels and used for all my riding, I live somewhere that isn't flat but not the alps either but cover a fair bit of up. I am hovering towards the 3.4 but still wondering if that 200g difference will be felt.


ps. it's enve as I can get them for a good price.

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by eric

You'll feel the 200g when you stand but it won't make a noticeable difference in your speed, either accellerating or going up hill.
Aero helps everywhere except steep climbs. I'd get the 3.4s.

I think that using expensive carbon wheels as your every day wheels is a waste. The tiny performance gain is only useful when racing, braking is not as good, and wheels are a consumeable- even if they don't break, the rim eventually wears out due to braking. But it's your money.

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by WMW

You'll feel it whenever you are moving the bike around... light rims make the whole bike feel lighter. If you do a lot of fast descents, the heavy rims can be a benefit. Otherwise most like the feel of the lighter rims. The 3.4s will be faster in nearly all situations though, and if you prefer 23+mm tires they will also handle crosswinds with less drama.

On the subject of using fancy wheels for everyday use, it isn't a problem if you can afford it. I'm pretty low budget, and though I don't ride carbon rims, I opt to spend the money for nice tires for everyday riding. Just can't get excited about rolling on Gatorskins.
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