4 Spoke wheel as an everyday?

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by Brasco82

Hi everyone,

Much to my dissapointment I have ruined my rear wheel in a bunch mishap (was lead directly over a large pothole with no indication). Totally nailed the rim and as such it is in need of replacement. However a riding budy of mine as a 4 spoke wheel sitting in the shed, fairly sure its a Xentis (clincher) Mach 1 that he has no use for. He has offered it to me for practically nothing, just a slab of fine beer, this is very tempting as it is much cheaper than replacing the rear rim and possibly spokes etc.

Has anyone had any experience running a wheel of this type as an everyday ride on the rear? I know its not it intended use and I won't be racing with it, have a set of Dura Ace 50's for that, its really a cheap alternative to get me rolling and possibly keep me rolling.


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by SDP

Probably a bit unforgiving but will keep you moving....

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by mattr

Will you not have to grow some ironic facial hair, wear your sisters jeans and cut your bars down to a ~30cm pipe. And no back brake of course. :wink:

Yes it'll work, no they aren't very nice to ride day to day, save some pennies and get the spoked wheel fixed. Unless its a ridiculous rim it shouldn't cost much more than £60 (open pro build?), your slab of fine beer will cost around a third of that!! (Unless said mate has no taste :wink: )

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