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by MNX1024

I'm still working on my front wheel, which is almost done.
By the way, my front came out to 601g.

I do have a few questions.

How do I know when my stress relieving process is done? So far did it twice, both session includes me squeezing spokes and pressing on it from both side of the rim. There's actually no squeaking, creaking, or pinging noise throughout both of my sessions. Also, lubricated the spoke threads with refined linseed oil.

Concerning radial true. Can I actually make it completely radially trued? For me, there's 4 spokes that actually pulled the rim in more than the rest of the other spokes. I actually got it to about 1mm apart from the rest. In order to fix this By either dropping it lower or pulling the rest up, those 4 spokes' tension would be substantially lower than the rest. So,should proceed to fix that 1 mm or leave it as is?

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by eric

I try to do less than 1mm but some rims just won't do it. If you feel it while riding then you can try working on it some more.

I stress relieve until I get tired of it. usually a couple rounds of at least two passes of squeezing the spokes together, and one or two of pushing the crosses down (see Sheldon Brown). If the spokes make tink noises when you ride the wheels, then you didn't do enough.

You can also try putting the wheel on its side on the floor (on something padded) and pushing sideways on it. If it tinks then you need to do more stress relieving. I'm leery of damaging bearings doing this, and of course if you put too much force in the wheel you'll bend it.

If you don't do enough all that will happen is the wheel will go out of true sooner. That's a problem if you are making wheels for someone else but not if they are yours.

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by WMW

MNX1024 wrote:So,should proceed to fix that 1 mm or leave it as is?

You are done stress relieving when you do a forceful round and the wheel stayed true and the tension unchanged.

Did you measure 1mm or are you guessing? If it's really that high, I'd release the tension and start over. Low tension, even tension, and round/straight wheel. Gradually increase the tension from there, and check the other aspects at each stage.

At any rate even tension is more important than radial true.
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