16 hole rim / 32 hole hub

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by penarth

I have a 16 hole rim and 32 hole hub for a wheel build that is driving me bananas. I thought that it would be simple matter of just skipping every other hole in the hub.

Whilst one side of the wheel builds ok, the other side doesn’t whether I use every other hole, pair the holes and skip two or whether I swap heads in or out. Whichever I use, half the spokes on the “second” side are too long, half are too short and the triangle formed by the one cross is not symmetrical.

I’m guessing it’s because the offset of the holes between flanges is different between a 16 hole hub and a 32.

Has anyone tried this before? Is it possibe to lace satisfactorily if I try new spoke lengths (for the third time).

Does anyone have any ideas how to adjust the standard spoke length formula for this. If not I’m guessing that the standard calculator is good for one side but for the other I’ll need to adjust that length up to 4mm plus and minus.

Many thanks

by Weenie

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by bricky21

It should work. Any photos, or more information as to the hub, and rim being used?

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by bm0p700f

Do you have paired drilled rim as that would cause an issue. You have made some sort of error as it should work.

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by RussellS

Not sure its much help or not. But I have a Campagnolo Shamal 12 spoke front rim laced to a Veloce 36 spoke hub. Radial lacing. Can't recall how I determined spoke length. Measured the old factory spokes or just guessed with different lengths.

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