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by xjbaylor

I just received a set of EC90 Aero's that I bought on eBay. They were listed as in "perfect condition" so I was surprised to find tubular glue smeared down the side of the rim (as shown below) in multiple places. No big deal...assuming that I can get it off without damaging the rim aesthetically.

So, on to my question, the graphics are under the there any reason that I couldn't simply clean this glue of with Naptha without risking damage to the logos? I have emailed Easton, but have yet to receive a response.


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by sungod

if it's the naptha that's the same as then it should be ok, it's a common solvent for rim cleaning

but i'd still try a small area first just to be 100% sure the decals aren't affected

btw for glue removal from the rim, this is the luxury option...

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by Geoff

If the decals are under clear, then they will be fine. If not, then you can kill 2 birds with one stone and get rid of them! I find that a product called 'Goof-Off' will make short work of any tubular rim glue mess (use with protective gear and in a well-ventilated area). You can get it in any hardware store in NA.

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by xjbaylor

Thanks for the heads up on the Schwalbe remover and Goof-Off. I have Goof-Off for my alloy rims, but hadn't been brave enough to try it on the Easton's.

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by Ozrider

WD 40 works pretty well.
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