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by roadieboy

So I'm rather new to tubulars, and upon getting my first flat, I repaired my tire without first learning how to properly repair tires. I cut the base tape. Then I patched the tube and the tread, and sewed it up with some upholstery thread. I then inflated it to 130psi, and left it over night. My repair held fine, there were no bulges, or any anomalies in the tires shape.

A few weeks pass, and then I read up on proper tubular repair... Uh oh. The word seems to be 'never cut the base tape'

Do you guys think my tire is safe to ride, or is it trash? It's a super cheap tire, but I wouldn't mind saving the $30...

If this is a horrendously stupid question, feel free to make fun of me, I probably deserve it!

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by Geoff

Yeah, I did that when I first repaired a tire, too. I glued it up and had no problem (from that, anyway)...

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