cost effective plan for rebuilding Reynolds DV46C

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by theStig

I've got an older set of DV46 clinchers that have seen better days. Hubs are worn, freehub is super noisy, rims aren't entirely true anymore, decals are toast, finish is faded..

Considering rebuilding the set this summer or just offloading them cheap and buying new wheels. What do you all think?

Front wheel has new CX-Ray spokes (about 1k miles on them). Considering replacing the bearings with ceramics, new freehub, reuse the CXray spokes and getting new spokes/nipples for the rear.. while everything is apart, wetsand/reclear the rims and put on new decals, ditch the rim tape and install veloplugs.

For those who have done stuff like this before, how much should I budget? Any precautions I should take? What tools do I need to swap the bearings/freehub? Any tips for wetsanding/refinishing the rims? Can this be done while the wheel is assembled?

thanks for your tips in advance.. I've found that WW forums is the best damn place for good info anywhere bar none.

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