Mavic Ksyrium SSC SL 2004 spokes

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by pjs

I am looking for spokes for the drive side rear wheel spoke size 272mm part number 32345701. I am interested in obtaining 5 but will take what's available. Mavic stopped production and having a hard time locating.

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by JN2Wheels

What color was 2004? I have silver available.

by Weenie

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by bikerjulio

Funny this should just come up. Last week i went on a ride on my old SSC SL Ksyriums, thinking as I went how sturdy and reliable they had been over the years. Bad idea. On the way back a DS spoke let go. They are black and I believe 2004 or 2005 vintage (not sure as I bought them used in late 2005). The rear went so out of true it completely locked up against the frame. Took the bus and subway home.

Online I saw the spokes available were 275mm for the DS.

Went into a LBS (Dukes in Toronto) and bought a spoke and it appeared to be marginally longer than the old one. Which would jibe with the old being 272 and the later being 275. Installed it and it appears to be fine. The nipple is just a couple of mm further into the rim is all. The length of thread engagement looks to be fine and it tensioned up without problems.

So, FWIW I think the current length of 275 would appear to be acceptable, and better than trashing the wheel.
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