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by dereksmalls

Does anyone make them or have any experience with them? Does such a thing exist? Not like a Topolino, Sinergy or R-Sys spoke but like a standard threaded spoke? Would they be strong enough?

by Weenie

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by thisisatest

Fiber Flite made some back in the 90s. They had a reputation for being fragile, which they definitely earned. Carbon bladed center section, with a small J part of a stainless spoke on one end and a short threaded stainless spoke on the other. If you find some, run the other way.
It would be interesting to see what someone would come up with now, with current materials and manufacturing technology...

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by HillRPete

The biggest challenge is obviously bonding the carbon center part to the bend and thread ends, you need extra material there. I doubt there's much to gain really, because the middle part of something like a Sapim Superspoke is already very thin and light, while foregoing the need of bonding end parts.

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