New Mad Fiber Carbon Wheel Test

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by thatdkid

I would like to see them run all the major brands over this this machine. For those of us those of us that are not experts, I would like to see how others compare? Could be that no others can do it... Or maybe they all can?

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by Butcher

Too bad the side loads are not in a place that is going to happen in real life. Should have it at the point of contact on the roller. Not to say that this wheel is good or bad, but just another way useless marketing will sell stuff.

by Weenie

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by WMW

I have to agree... the sideload needs to be applied at the bottom to be relevant.
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by thisisatest

Another way of doing it would be to lean the wheel to the side a bit, maybe 30degrees max (or whatever the max is that someone observes an calculates in real use while going straight-like in a sprint).
Thing is, in real life, the side loads tend to be cyclic (pun intended), so then you'd want the wheel's inclination to maybe start at zero, and swing to one side and then the other slowly. But all of a sudden, it's hard to get a clear picture of what's going on when the wheel finally DOES fail.
So many variables...

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by mjduct

dumbest test ever...

when on earth do you ever ride 50 mph over inch high nubs while a side roller is applied 90 degrees from the contact point of the ground...

by Weenie

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by KLabs

This test is closer/better, especially as the testing is being done with the tyre and tube fitted.
Not certain how well it is mimicking Torque effects and it still doesn't flip flop exactly like a sprinter/climber but closer ... nice machine :)

thanks KL :)

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