Anyone know anything about Vision wheels?

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by Nairnp

Hi guys,

looking for a bit of advise.

I currently have some px 52mm carbon clinchers I use in good weather, and the standard Giant p-sl1 wheels that came oem for windy & foul weather.

I am going to give the px to the Mrs and order some Farsport U-shaped clinchers to replace them.

I am however wanting a lighter set of alu wheels, and the Vision Trimax T30's seem to get a good write up, and dont seem too heavy for the money (1520g cliamed) for ÂŁ330.

Does anyone know much about these wheels? and the quality of Vision hubs etc?

These say they are handbuilt, but dont know how much to read into that?

Thanks guys

by Weenie

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by Zigmeister

Cannondale/Liquigas is running the new Vision Metron 40/55 wheels in competition.

I spoke with them on the phone a few weeks ago. They won't be releasing the new Metron wheels until August.

As far as the other wheels, don't know. But the specs on the new Metron would make them some of the best for the money, and lowest weight, even in clincher.

Search google for Metron 40 and you will find a few articles with the specs.

MSRP is probably going to be in the $2400-2700 range like the other high-end wheels I believe.

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