more info on speedcomposites sinus wheels?

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by deermatt

Ive searched, and found very little info on them, and zero reviews. It seems like people stopped talking about them a few years ago.. Were / are they any good ? comparable to what? any major issues with them?

Looking at their site, from what I can understand, they seem stiff and semi aero compared to other rims in its class, but any info would be appreciated .

by Weenie

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by Mackers

I was offered a set of the 20/24 spoke wheels a few years ago, and took them for a few test rides.

+ Nice hubs
+ Good weight

- Rear felt flexy and went out of true quite easily, which was a huge pain with the internal nipples.

I ended up not buying them, as I didn't trust the rear to hold up (and I'm <130 lbs. and far from a powerhouse)

I believe versions with more spokes exist, they might be worth checking out.

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