Why would anyone choose tubular unless they're pro?

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by deermatt

I'm often tempted by tubulars because theyre low weight, but theres so many more cons than pros to these. With modern advances in carbon clinchers, many now have carbon brake surfaces, equally as good rolling resistance , and maybe not as light, but close. Also, fixing a flat doesnt involve ripping the tire off (fingers bleeding) cutting open the tire, patching, and then learning to sew it back up, instead of just pulling the clincher half off, glueing a patch kit on your 8 dollar tube, and going on your way. One more thing, a good clincher is 35 dollars give or take, a good tubular is closer to 80..

We do not need another 'tubular vs clincher thread. Thank you.

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by Zen Cyclery

The ride quality of tubulars is much better than clinchers, simply because the air column stack height is almost double that of a clincher.

Tubulars are also far less prone to flats.

Try tubulars and you'll see.
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