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by eric

Yes, thanks for taking the time to explain that.

There are a few other hubs that use bushings. And of course they're lighter.

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by MajorMantra

+1, that's interesting.

I still don't like Mavic's extensive use of proprietary parts but they're hardly alone in that respect.

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by LegendRider

Another thanks to Zack for his thoughtful replies.

One more question for him: Is there a substantial difference in Exalith and Exalith 2 especially with regard to long-term durability?

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Given Exalith was wearing off rims and, as a result, Mavic have released Exalith 2 - I'd say "yes".

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by MavicZack

Hey sorry for the delay, I was out of the country and totally pinned.

Exalith 2 is mostly about reducing the brake noise. It's a combination of the shape of the machined ridges on the brake track plus the brake pads material.
I don't think anything else changed but I can look into it.
thx -z
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by ultyguy

I took my R-sys SLR tubbies (glued up w/ Micheline 24mm service course older model, think it's the vittoria pave casing with their tread) out for their maiden voyage this past weekend strapped to my Giant Defy SL. I got these as many of the sportives I do are just big long mountain slogs going up and down all day and often in inclement weather. Whatever aero loss on the down is easily made up by markedly better braking vs a carbon tub. I generally make up time on the descents so this is of high importance to me.

I had been running my Campagnolo Neutron tubbies with Sprinter Gatorskin 22s which was quite a buttery combo....these are not buttery. Even with a fairly complaint frameset, the radial stiffness of the wheels is really striking and stiffened the bike up considerably with bigger hits being felt more. They also considerably upped the lateral stiffness too which was really apparent out of the saddle, they give a nice push.

So after my lovely afternoon ride, I'm within 2km of home and a car makes an illegal left turn right in front of me. I had few choices and decided in the split second I had to hit the car as square as possible. I did a full flip over the bonnet, not touching it, and landed squarely on my back on the road on the other side of the car. The Russian judge was on the take so discounted my artistic impression score, I feel robbed.

Luckily, I came through with only a couple of bruises. The front wheels is very slightly out of true, but I'm concerned about the spokes being compromised, but all in all I have to say I'm impressed how well they held up in the crash.

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by indigo

Sorry to hear that ultyguy. Great to hear that you're OK though.

Hope the motorist wasn't d1ckish about it ?

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by Zen Cyclery

Good to hear that you're alright ultyguy. I had a friend break his femur in that exact same situation so it sounds like you got away unscathed. Definitely sounds like it would be worth having an experienced mechanic take a good hard look at all spokes to make sure none are compromised.

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by ultyguy

Yeah, the guy was a bit skittish at first, but he's come good. Turns out he was a freakin' doctor and he never let on any of that at the time. Anyways, looks like his insurance is going to pick up the tab, but that hasn't been confirmed yet, we'll see....

At any rate, I was damn lucky, thanking my stars!

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by stumpy

@MavicZack or anyone else for that matter.....

Now regarding the tires.

The reasons for Wheel Tire Systems are several. First and foremost, over the course of testing many, many wheels (always with tires in place, as required), Mavic discovered significant variability in tire quality. Not just normal stuff like compound and casing, but precision of fitment, roundness, clincher bead stretch, and the like. Tolerance issues.

By adding tires to the system, Mavic can control tolerance on this critical aspect of the performance package. Not just grip and shape, but precision of fitment and tolerance for bead diameter, stretch, etc. These are important safety considerations, and Mavic wants to control for them in addition to fundamental performance criteria like weight, grip, puncture resistance and the like.

Aerodynamics were first in the formula for wheels with the CX01 technology (including CXR 80 and more to come ..). With R-Sys and the others, grip and weight were weighted more significantly in the design. The tires on the 2013 WTS wheels mount fairly narrow, so I bet they test better but any gain would be marginal.

Now that I wrote a dang book, please hit me back with questions, comments, or anything else. in public or PM. I'm getting a thicker skin so I won't take criticism personally. :wink:[/quote]

So, by implication, all mavic wheels including Ksyrium Elites / SLS and the like (for those of us on smaller budgets!) will run better with Mavic tyres.
Or am I over-interpreting?
Would like to know before I get some new tyres for this season.....

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by ultyguy

I can see the be benefit of the Mavic tires in regards to the CXR systems. However, the rest of it I think it pretty much bs. Unless Mavic set up its own production (it doesn't, it outsources), I can't see how they are going to make a superior all around product compared to top of the line Conti or Michelin, regardless of 'compatability'

Get some GP4000s, they'll be fine.

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by stumpy

That's kind of what I suspected....
.....but would be interested in a Mavic take on the question too, 'cos they do go nicely and if you can't be good, at least look good right?......

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@MavicZack or anyone who knows!

Is it possible to refinish my exalith wheels when the exalith black finish starts to wear off? Or is this a fault with my particular set of rims?

Thanks, FJ

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by mattyNor

From customer feedback Mavic tires are less than impressive in their ride feel.

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by istigatrice

MavicZack wrote:Matter of fact I have a wheel that I need to un-build so I will do that and get you the weight.

So did @MavicZack actually weigh the rim?
I write the weightweenies blog, hope you like it :)

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