Yet another climbing wheel ...

Everything about building wheels, glueing tubs, etc.
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giant man
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by giant man

TrekUk wrote:Mavic R-sys I run mavic wheels and they are way ahead of zipp in terms of technology and build.

Must be the funniest thing I've heard so far this year, ha ha

Btw OP, Hyperons would be my choice ..

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by LionelB


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by dcaspira

Same trip, have l/w's - using f20s with tune hubs for all reasons mentioned above

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by angrylegs

Ventoux from what you mentioned (and I'm a Campy lover). If you don't have a nice pair of AL custom tubulars though, I'd also get a pair of those.

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by SalsaLover

Hyperons are the climbing wheel par excellence.

But if you would ride lots of Kms through the Alps without a support car, you would be better served with a set of light alloy hand builts

Myself I do the passes on record/open pro/DT revos-comp/alu nipples/latex tubes/vittoria Corsas
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by RudyMontana

kgt wrote:
9x12man wrote:I'm a little concerned about the robustness of the ventoux. For some reason I think the hyperons would be a more robust option.

I find the Ventoux extremely robust for my 79-83kg. Bad pavement, potholes, whatever... they are impressively strong. Hyperons are strong too, you'll never have a problem but my guess is that Ventoux are even stronger (unless you crash of course).

I am 70 kg and also find the Hyperons to be robust. Lightweight has a bit of cache, but Campys roll well. I haven't got around to pulling off the stickers yet but my buddy did and they look great. Very understated.


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by sungod

i wouldn't worry about the lw not being robust in use, the ventoux (now called gipfelsturm), slightly heavier than the obermayers, so there's more carbon fibre there, and with a higher system weight limit (110kg) i'm sure they'll be super tough

the risk is from abnormal use, like objects coming through the wheel, if you break or badly damage spokes there's no way to repair, but the serviceup extended warranty gives you cover for three years

also lw say if at least 2/3rds of a spoke is ok there's a chance they can repair, i must admit i get nervous riding my obermayers when there're fallen twigs/branches in the road, or suicide squirrels running across my path!

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by 9x12man

Again, thanks for the feedback everyone.

So I think I am getting closer. It is one of:

F20 chrono's 28 hole, Chris king r45 ceramic, cx-ray black spokes. Probably about £900 - £1,000 ....


Campagnolo hyperon ultra 2 tubular. Can get for £1,600 .....


Lightweight ventoux, but would have to be second hand. No way am I paying £2,800 in uk!!!

So the lightweights are bottom of the list because second hand means no cash replacement.

in the industry
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by bm0p700f

With the chrono rim you are better of with 32 spokes, it light weight and kind of flexy. CK R45 hubs have a NDS rear flange that is to far in to build a stiff wheel with a rim like the chrono unless you se thick spokes like Race sor comps and even then it is still a comprimise. This hub is better suited stiffer rims really. This is why I suggested 32 spoke wheels on record hubs, these hubs have the better NDS rear flange spacing to create a stiff rear wheel even with Laser spokes.

I am doing a set of Record hubs with DT Swiss RR415 rims with laser spokes for a customer and the weight of those will be 1540g hardly heavy. this entire wheelset cost less than the R45 hub by themseleves, I really struggle to see how CK hub are worth the money they cost next to Record or Durace hubs. With chrono rims the weight will be 90g lighter or more and with alloy nipples you can take another 40g off. That would be one perfect wheelset.

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by Wolfshohl

9x12man wrote:Will be spending the entire summer in the alps or pyrennees and I'm currently on a wilier cento uno with campy boras.

Campy hyperon
Lightweight ventoux
Mavic r-sys slr
Zipp 202

The entire summer, riding in wind and rain (snow), up and down mountains every day?

r-sys slr

For what you are planning you need light, very reliable, superb braking - only r-sys hit on all three.
Plus, if there ever is an issue, the best customer service among those companies for the area you are riding in.

Ridden all except the ventoux.

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by 9x12man

OK. So more research done. More questions raised!

I have Campagnolo Boras. How about selling them and buying some Enve 3.4 with Chris King ceramic?

My research has pointed to the fact that these wheels are good in cross winds (my biggest concern), have good aero properties and are light enough for the uphill. Maybe these are the best option. Plus they won't cost as much because they will be offset by selling the Boras.

Am I mad for even thinking this?

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by LionelB

9x12man wrote:Am I mad for even thinking this?

Yes :shock:

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by 9x12man

@LionelB - Ha ha I thought I might be!

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by atakaoka

LionelB wrote:
9x12man wrote:Am I mad for even thinking this?

Yes :shock:

X 2.

I `d ask:
Are you High on something?
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by 9x12man

Ok at risk of sounding even more insane, here is my logic:

If I get the Hyperons I end up with amazing climbing wheels, but I also then have the Boras and some winter training wheels. That's x3 sets of wheels. I ride on average 250km per week and > 750km on training weeks, but It just seems like overkill to have x3 sets.

With the 3.4's I get a wheel that is almost as good as the Hyperon going up hill, is not affected by cross winds as much as the Boras and I only need x2 sets of wheels. Plus the sale of the Boras mean I'm saving money.

Do I need to be committed?!

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