Mavic SLS actual weight - anyone know?

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by guy2600

Anyone know the actual weight of this wheelset? I haven't found anything yet from someone who has weighed them. Thanks!

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by octav

1450 grams instead of 1500 the Ksysrium SL(old model)

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by superb

Alternative Mavic Ksyrium SR 1440 g.

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by Asymptotic

^ Have the SL model, actual scale weight is 1495g - sorry dont have pictures, but it is heavier than the 1440g claimed
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by MavicZack

The catalogue weight on 2013 Ksyrium SLS without the included tires is 1395g. I have ridden a pair for a month and they're sweet. But sorry to say I have not weighed them. +/- 5% (typical weight variance for aluminum wheels) could put them as high as 1465g in actual fact.

thanks for your interest! -z
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by CGT

I want to resurrect this thread. Does anyone have wheels-only weights on the Ksyrium SLS?

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by CGT


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by DWatkinsBSB

SLR 2014 help?

1454 wheel only, measured on my scale off a new Canyon CF SLX.


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