2013 Boyd carbon clinchers - any thoughts, reports, reviews?

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by oumed73118

I'm looking for an all carbon clincher to use on a custom bike build. I'm intrigued by the 2013 Boyd 60mm version but since they've been released only recently, there seems to be a paucity of ride reports or reviews available on the internet at this time.

Anyone have first hand (or even second hand) experience with the 2013 Boyd 44mm, 60mm or 90mm carbon clinchers?

Thanks in advance.

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by Zigmeister

Don't know, they've only be out a few months the newer wider profile wheels.

I would like to get a set of the new 44mm rims in clincher/tubular...not hubs/spokes...build my own. Hard to find anybody with the new wider profile rims only.

I don't know what hubs he is using now, used to use Bitex...which I'm not much of a fan of, they are typical Taiwanese hubs. Weights weren't listed for those on his site. I know he will reply with the weights if you email him. Boyd's customer service along with his wife Nicole is top notch.

I would rather use those new 2013 rims and build my own with some new Alchemy UL hubs and CXRays personally.

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by coachboyd

For the hubs, we have a CNC factory in Taiwan producing the stuff for us. We came up with a new design (one that optimizes the flange spacing based on whatever configuration you are riding). We changed the pawl system around, moved the NDS bearing out to add stability, and also added a pre-load adjustment. The hubs have been very well received and you can definitely feel the added stability and better engagement over the previous hubs we used. The weights went up a bit for the rear hub and they come in right at 260 grams.

Reviews are a little hard to come by right now as the product is so new. We have a couple sets out there with some cycling publications that are doing long term reviews at the moment. . .and if you check our Facebook page you'll see some first hand customer testimonials. Those in my opinion are more important than the magazine reviews as people tend to believe people who actually paid for the product a bit more. And of course, if you do have any questions just email me. Like Zig said, we try really hard to get back immediately.
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by aaric

I couldn't see buying a set of the boyds.
1624g @$1420 for 44mm- I'd go the 24/28 with 11speed. (or 1580g with 20/24 & $1400)
1680g@ $1450 for 60mm...Not sure I see this either.

Comparing to the Shimano C50 9000 clinchers: 1672g @$1368 at wiggle for the 50mm, with alloy brake tracks.

No wind tunnel data for either set, but I'd put much more stock in Shimano's ability to design a more aero wheel than Boyds. Dura ace hubs are a known quantity, and alloy brake tracks mean no concerns or fuss about special brake pads or overheating.

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by TrekUk

Id choose mavic or shimano or zipp before a set of boyds, the latter have wind tunnel testing and years of development.
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by itsacarr

I still think Boyd wins over zipp and shimano if it's price that matters much to you. Otherwise I have owned firecrest, and shimano non carbon aero clinchers and the build quality of the Boyds seems to be on par if not a spec better than ZIPP, at least for me. On the service end of things Boyd seems to be a bit easier to get ahold of to solve a problem. I also heard Boyd will be doing some tunnel testing soon if they haven't already so that's certainly a step in a good direction.

Either way there are plenty of Zipp's and Shimano's out there so why not also go with something a bit different?

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