cheap, light, strong internal cam QR skewers

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by mentok

per the title, i'm after cheap, light, strong internal cam QR skewers - does such a thing exist, and if so where do i find it? I am loathe to buy cheap KCNCs or similar because i'm around the 95kg/200lbs mark and i feel like i'm just asking for trouble.

i use the term "light" relative to other internal cam skewers. preference is for something like a shimano DA or similar, but i can't seem to find them anywhere at a good price.


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by JMT

If you want strong then you want a steel skewer, which adds some weight but not so much it is anything to worry about IMO. The Shimano ones are good, the Ultegra ones are also fairly cheap, can be found for around €18 a piece on and prices should be similar in other webshops.
Personally I'd either get the polished and pretty Dura Ace ones (which are more expensive, put are polished and has a metal nut) if it was for a good looking bike, or try to find some cheap 105 hubs sold with skewers. They tend to cost just a few € more than the the Ultegra skewers and gives you a pair of extra hubs. I have the distinct feeling that the only difference with respect to the skewers is the amount of polish.

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