Best modulating brake pads for carbon wheels?

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by sawyer

bm0p700f wrote:After trying a few Campagnolo carbon pads are just fanstastic - good modulation and bite. They even work in the wet which surprised me a lot and They do not seem to wearing the rim either. Maybe give these ago. All those cheap pads that come with various far eastern rims seem to be pretty useless in comparison. I know what pads I am supplying now.

Yes, campag are good. Bit harder than reynolds but stop well.

Reynolds blue and ENVE - for power -also good
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by Weenie

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by wheelsONfire

podilatis23 wrote:Just to know guys enve guarantee is not valid if you use swisstop. I used swisstop yellow with my enve rim and when i had a problem with the rims they told me that the reason was the swisstop brake pads. Finally, they didn't help me and i bought a new corima rim.
The enve rims was only 6 month old.....

This is same with all rims. You can't just mix any brake pad to a carbon rim. You must ask what brake pads you are allowed to use or warranty is void.
Corima says the warranty is gone if you use other than their pads. With SwissStop you damage the brake track on Corima wheels.
Why do people never learn and never read this when they buy new wheels?

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by ross

I like Corima cork. Great modulation

Few red marks on the rims but I use a pencil eraser to clean it off every now and again

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by mimason

I didn't read the entire thread but +1k on riding the manufacturer's brake pads unless you are not covered under some form of warranty.

The Reynolds blue pads are very good as well as the ENVE gray. I have some out of warranty Shimano tubs that I use whatever pads are on the bike.

I would NEVER use Swissstop yellow. There are so many other better pads out there. The Swissstop Black Prince for one is a much better alternative.

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by BrunoH2

Hi, anyone knows if I can use the reynolds cryo blue (non plus) on ffwd wheels?? I just purchased an set of used F6R tubulars without the supplied swisstop pads when bought new, and in the ffwd website I can't find infos about any incompatibility issues... Btw I'm using the pads with an set of attack clinchers w/o any problems...

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by Beaver

What would be the best brake pad for a basalt brake track and TRP 970 SL brakes?

I also don't know if the brakes fit 28mm rims (sometimes the maximum is stated as 30mm, sometimes 27mm), so if I have to pick a thinner brake pad, it's only Enve Black or SwissStop Flash Evo Black Prince, right? Cutting 2mm straight off another brake pad won't be easy. ;)

Best user comments are on Campy Red brakepads and these from Wiggle, though: ... pack-of-4/ But they could be too thick.

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by KarlC

REYNOLDS CRYO BLUE POWER CARBON BRAKE PADS, are by far the best I have used. Be sure its the newer ones with the larger surface and 6 slots cut in them.

Great review of them here ..... ... ds-review/


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by naambezet

They still suck when they're wet. As in, non responsive the first 1.5-2 seconds when trying to brake when wet

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