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by martinSL

Krylions and 4-season for summer are no go for me unless I ride on 'nails' plus Krylions are very stiff IMHO.
I am still on Ultremo ZX with V-Guard (training) and Ultremo HT (street racing) + Challenge Parigi-Roubaix (Kermesse racing) but it's not summer yet - they ride very well.
Soon changing to Veloflex Corsa 23 with latex on my training hoops and Veloflex Carbon for races. I will probably change to Veloflex Roubaix 25mm for the Kermesses.
In ~ 3 weeks I should be getting an order of new Vittos CX III (ISOgrip) tubies and open and hope to see them to be almost as good as Veloflex equivalents (especially as I have ultra hard time to obtain low prices Veloflex Corsas)
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by Weenie

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by Colonia

madmole wrote:Conti GP4000S best all rounder there is

Agreed. :thumbup:

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by stdu007

So need a new set of tyre ... just cut my new schwalbe ultremo xz (not on the side but o the rolling surface) ... this is a fatal cut ... not reusable

so my question is: witch tyre will give me the same rolling feel with a better cut resistance ...

last year i'l had good experience with the michelin pro 4 race ... should i go with it !!!

my girlfriend have a veloflex set ... that cut easely to ... but rolling fast and good grip ... and my worst experience was with some continental tyre so let me know your choice !!!


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by RiverCityKid

If I had the money right now I would go with Conti Grand Prix 4000s right now because backcountry dot com has a great deal on them right now, and they have a pretty good reputation for being light by also durable/puncture resistant. I haven't ever ridden them though, so good luck if you're against conti all the way! Hope you find something!

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by shoemakerpom2010

The Michelin Pro4 Endurance Tire is probably what you want versus the service course that does still cut up easy. The Michelin Pro4 service Course does offer exceptional grip to the road better then any other tire I have tried with a trade off of being a little softer then the Endurance tire. The conti's do offer better puncture resistance but at a trade off of being a less pliable to the road.

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by Notstrong

Whats your thoughts on Continental Ultra Sport tyres?

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by atakaoka

cycling,a great individual sport,were you can't reach anything,whithout group effort.

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by istigatrice

Notstrong wrote:Whats your thoughts on Continental Ultra Sport tyres?

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Great tyres to practice making belts out of...

On a more serious note, I don't rate them. If they came with your bike I'd ride them, but would replace with something better once worn.
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by manninen

i have grand bois cypress el which is 30mm and freakin fast, more the corners, bike with 23mm tyres have no chance ;)

more comfy wheelset i have vittoria cross evo xn 32mm, yes, on the road, yes it roll

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by bm0p700f

I would not even wait until the ultra sports were worn before binning them. Nowt wrong with wide tyres those Grand Bios look very good.

I am about to give Veloflex corsa's with latex tubes ago on the race bike 22mm though as I have serious clearance issues on this old frame.

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by Notstrong

Yes the tyres came on a set of wheels I bought from a freind. I used to use schwalbe ZX's (red) but found they blow out and perish along the colour seems very quickly

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