Second Set of RS80-C24 or something else?

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by Rideuphill

Ok, my RS80-C24 wheels are going into their 4th season and the rim wall's are badly dished (rim wear indicator long gone) and the free hub is finished. I weigh 170lbs and have rode these wheels in every month of the year, rain, snow, salt, mud, etc. I have had no issues with this wheels! Hit lots of potholes and straightened the rim and repacked the bearings a few times.

With all the research I have done the RS80's definitely seem to be working for lots of other riders also.

The online price is around $480/pair and I'm planning to order my second set but wanted to see if anyone would recommend anything else in that price range?

Thanks for any feedback!

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by btompkins0112

Not me! Those are great wheels.....sold mine and I regret it.

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Zen Cyclery
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by Zen Cyclery

You could also build up White Industries T11s to Kinlin XR200s. Those laced with Lasers would be under $600 and around 150 grams lighter than the RS80s.

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by ergott

I would like tho point out that the combination of the T11 hubs and XR200s isn't a good one. The tension ratio of the T11 requires a rim that is stiffer and can handle higher tensions.

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