What good all around 24-25mm Tubulars tires for Zipp 404 ?

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by KarlC

I just got a like new set of 2014 Zipp 404 Tubulars, for a steal of a price. So far they feel great and seem to hold speed really well, a perfect match for my BMC TMR01 .

They have good set of Coni GP4000 22mm on them, I cant say I like the 22mm size tho, its a bit narrow and very low profile.

What 24mm or 25mm Tubular tires are you guys using on your Zipp 404s ?

My old set of V Shaped 50mm carbon Tubular wheels have a nice set of Coni Gaterskins on them, maybe I should just swap them over, or put a Gaterskin on just the back ?

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by timmy66

Im using Dugast Strada Silk and couldn't be happier.

by Weenie

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by helldiver

I'm currently using 24mm vittoria corsa SL (slick thread) on my 24,2mm Campagnolo Bora wheels and i'm very happy with them, even if i will maybe try 22mm tyre on front wheel next time (for aero benefits).

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by racingcondor

I really like my Vittoria Corsa SR's. Reasonable price in the UK and good grip etc.

I'd love to try some Dugast Silk but they're about 2.5x the price!

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by joec

Ive just swapped from 22mm Conti comps to 25mm Vittoria Corsa Elites, and I'm not that impressed, but the jurys still out.

Main reason for swapping is that getting conti's on the rim is a nightmare, sooo tight! even when prestretched, also wanted to go to 25's for comfort, and lower rolling resistance...

first impressions, really harsh ride, used to run the conti's at about 140psi, (I'm about 200lb) and as high as 160 for short TT's, started off with the 25's at 110psi, and dropped to 90, still harsh compared wit the conti's... strange, will play with pressures a bit more...

Also, not a patch on the conti's in terms of grip on a damp surface, but thats not suprising as they are a cheaper tyre.

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by audiojan

I've heard good things about Veloflex Arenberg. Just ordered a pair, so once I have them on my Campy Bora 35's, I'll post.
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by nelsonivan

I had Schwalbe One 22mm on Zipp 303's and recently switch to Veloflex Arenberg's (25mm) on back and Veloflex Carbons (23mm) on front. So far they feel awesome. Schwalbes are good but Veloflex are a step ahead. Very supple ride. I live in Puerto Rico and we have very crappy roads. So far the Arenberg on the back has hold up brilliantly.
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by Weenie

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