Making the transition to tubulars

Everything about building wheels, glueing tubs, etc.
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by addictR1

What kind/ brand wise do you recommend?

I’m currently using glue but perhaps using tape on the tufu would be a good idea. Just not sure if mixing glue and tape would be ok or not

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by Weenie

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by KCookie

I use 19mm Tufo tape on my lightweight wheels, usually weighs around 30g per wheel, yes that is heavier than glue but so quick and easy.

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by Geoff

Generally speaking, the intention of the 'perfect' glue job is to create the best possible bond between the rim bed and the basetape. Accordingly, the better the glue job, the more difficult the tire will be to remove. If you can easily dismount the tire, it stands to reason that such a glue job will also result in a greater likelihood for the tire to become dismounted unintentionally. I would always personally recommend that the tire be glued with its retention whilst riding as the overriding consideration.

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by Wingnut

KCookie wrote:
Thu Mar 29, 2018 9:34 pm
Wingnut wrote:
Thu Mar 29, 2018 1:06 pm
Well stuff that! I've been training on tubulars for the last 7 months and got my first puncture today, took me over half an hour to peel the old tyre off and then a nightmare to stretch the spare pre glued tyre on.

I used to race on tubulars over 20 years ago but training on them...f#@&k that! I'm back to clinchers for my training wheels from now on...
Use tape and can have a tyre changed in minutes and im a novice. It's so easy and clean. Carry a tufo tyre, nice a light no pre stretching and you'll be on your way in 5 mins with clean hands.
I think I might have to give tape a go...I glued my tyres on so well it was difficult to say the least. Without the tyre levers I would have been there even longer.
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by KCookie

Once you try it i dont think you'll go back. I've got full confidence in tape. Never had an issue yet and on $7k rims to.

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by sychen

Just another soon to be tubular newbie checking in.

My question is more to do with tyre sizing.

In Clinchers.. the wider the rims the wider the spread (in most cases) so my 26mm Specialised turbo cotton on Roval CLX50 measures in at nearly 30mm wide (caliper).
The nice thing about this combo is that the profiles align almost perfectly.

How does tubulars present itself on narrow/wider rims? As there is no open ended part to spread.. I would expect tubs to have some spread on wider rims but not too much?

Using a wider tyre than the rim(narrow) would present a mushroom shape as well?

For instance, on Bora 35s (24.2mm width) is this better paired with (profile wise) 25mm Veloflex Roubaix or 27mm Vlaanderen . I know there are more to tyres than profiles matching the rims.

Does the equation change when going to a rim that are wider?

Thanks for answering questions from a tubbie (tubular newbie).

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by sungod

it's really a matter of how the rim bed radius matches the tub

taking extreme cases...

- puting a large diameter tub on a small radius rim bed (typically on a narrow rim) will mean the basetap will make best contact at the edges of the rim bed, but the centre may not stick so well

- the other way around, a narrow tub on a large radius rim bed will make good contact in the centre but the edges make not even touch the rim bed, this is worse than the first case i think

neither is good, you want a good match for strong adhesion

the diameter of a tub isn't really affected, it is a tube, the internal pressure keeps it circular

on the boras personally i'd go 25mm for road, afaik a tyre bulging out beyond the rim is not good aerodynamically

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by sychen

Thanks sungod.. Pretty much what I thought.

Just wanted confirmation.


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