CLX50 thru-axles Flush version

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by alexneumuller

I have a set of CLX50 Disc Wheels, but I only have the thru axle that come with the handle. I know that they come usually with a set of flush thru-axles that you open with an allen key. However I seem to have misplaced them, and looking for some alternatives. But trying to find some online that are 10x100 and 12x142 seem to be a little impossible.

Any advice or suggesstions would be great!
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by hannawald

the axle doesn´t depend on your wheels but on the frame you you should ask your frame supplier..
for example r2-bike is a good source of axles but you need to know what size you need..not only 12x100 and 142x12, but also how the screw is made..

by Weenie

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by joejack951

For example, my frame also has similar specs (15mm x 100mm front being the only difference) but takes a 125mm long front axle and a 170mm long rear. Remember that the axle also has to go through the dropouts in addition to the hub. That’s where the additional length comes from.

Pay attention the thread pitch as well. Most front axles are 1.5mm pitch but rear can vary quite a bit. Some rear axles also have a conical seating surface on one side as opposed to flat.

If you can post pics of your current axles it would help decipher what you need.

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