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Everything about building wheels, glueing tubs, etc.
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by mmancini

Today I ordered the following complete wheelset build from Light Bicycle:

DT SWISS 240S Black 100mm 12mm 24H straight pull Center lock
DT SWISS 240S Black 142mm 12mm 24H Shimano Road 11S straight pull Center lock
Sapim CX Ray black straight pull
Sapim POLYAX Black Brass
matte UD 24H No brake surface hook
46mm depth clincher rims, no decal, lacing pattern: 2 cross

As you can see I ended up ordering the "hooked" version because of the many low pressure / blow-off warnings from LB during the order process. I should have them in a few weeks and will give a bit of a review when I get them.

by Weenie

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by Hexsense

Beaver wrote:

No, this one.

Why do you not like 46mm, it's only 20grams more?
Even with off road usage, it would have increased stiffness to be worth the weight?

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by Beaver

This is weight weenies! ;) Of course 40g more wouldn't have been a problem, although 1.301g is quite nice for a 36x28mm 21C clincher. ;) But I am 70kg and the wheelset is already plenty stiff for me. Same as NOX S36R/240S/CX-Ray, both 20/24spokes. Just take, what you like.

I am waiting for good 16/21 hubs - Yuniper have no bearing adjustment and need spacers. :( DT Swiss offers these on some wheels but they have T-head spokes and those are not availiable in all lengths. Maybe Carbon TI will offer some one day.

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by saba

Update us on how you're finding your Light Bicycle RR46C02's. Got any built up photos?

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by CallumRD1

I've been loving my RR46C02's. I've probably put 400 miles on them with no issues. I'm running Schwalbe Pro One tires tubeless (25c font and 28c rear) that measure up at 28mm and 30mm respectively. I've had no punctures yet and they roll great. I had them out in some quite windy conditions and I didn't find them to be a problem. I have no complaints at this point.

Here's a lousy photo of my Felt F3X with the new wheels. (The red tape on the rims was to locate the valve hole when I was truing them.)

IMG_0738 by Callum Douglass, on Flickr

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by Matt28NJ

Nice looking Felt. How about some more info on the bike behind it to the right? :D

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by CallumRD1

It's my housemate's 1960's Lambretta scooter! (I know fairly little about it except that he spent many years restoring it himself.)

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by emotive

I purchased a set of the Light Bicycle RR36C02 in the hookless option in December 2016, built on Hope Disc hubs with brass nipples, since I figure these wheels will last for several years. Would have chosen the 46mm but they weren't released yet.

I ran Conti 28C GP4000 II which measure 32mm wide at first, and I am now on Compass 28C which measure 30mm wide. I'm running them at 50-60psi with tubes. 4000km of use and no issues with tyres blowing off.

I am delighted with the ride quality. Did a Fondo on my other bike with 25C tyres and was surprised how noticeably harsh the ride was. I've since put 28's on that bike too. I'm sold on wide rims and tyres.

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by MattSoutherden

Has anyone used Farsports shallow tubs? I want a set of wheels for hillclimb races. Given this is a) 5 or 6 races a year, and b) I'm not John D Rockerfeller, these seem pretty light.

I was thinking of a 30x23mm rear and a 24x20mm front. They list the front rim at 260 and the rear at 300.
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by SpartacusCZ

Does anyone have an experience with Nextie 45mm clincher rim "NXT45RC"?
I want to buy a better wheelset than actual DT swiss R24 DB for my endurace CF SL and hesitate between Fulcrum quattro carbon DB and chinese rims + DT 350 straightpull + DT aerolite spokes.

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by Beaver

The LightBicycle RR46C02 has 3mm more inner width and the claimed weight is on spot. I would prefer these.

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by derailer

Does anyone have a sense of which company's rims offer the best dry-weather braking performance?

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by lwk

In the market for a new set of rims. Been looking at the new light bicycle rims: 36mm and 46mm. These are 21mm wide on the inside. Is anyone using them with 25mm tyres? According to LB, 28mm+ should be used, but I don’t want to be limited by only being able to use 28mm. These rims will be used for road bike with rim brake.

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by Hexsense

I even used 23c on my LB 46mm for a while.
It work fine for oversized 23c like continental. Probably too risky on narrow 23c like Veloflex.
23c conti 4000sII -> 27.3mm
26c Specialized S-works Turbo -> 28.1mm
25c conti 4000sII -> 28.7mm (after worn down a while, it was around 28.3mm when new)

EDIT: Specialized tire name is S-works Turbo, not Power.
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by Weenie

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