Mavic Cosmic Carbone SL 2012

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by ezzy

I had a pair of 2011 cosmic carbone sl but didn't like that they were noisy as the fairing seemed to work as an amplifier. Also I found them to be too heavy on hilly roads. For almost the same price I got a pair of Reynolds assault which are 200 grams lighter. Much quieter ride now. I prefer the Reynolds to themavics.

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by WasFab

Which Reynolds model?

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by ezzy

Reynolds assault clincher 2011

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by airwise

MavicZack wrote:
Regardless, these wheels are bomber so if they look fine, they are.

Just as an aside, I had some Cosmic SR's on this week whilst guiding a group in France. I hit a road obstacle ( a rounded concrete "sausage" about eight inches high and slightly rounded) full on with the front whilst not paying attention. I was doing circa 25mph (or 40kph) at the time.

The impact dislodged the bars and caused my bidon to eject across the road and land in the middle of the roundabout. The guests were shocked and amazed I didn't come off as I was lifted way out of the saddle. Both front then rear took the impact.

Both wheels were perfect afterwards. Perfectly true. No broken spokes. No cracks. Bloody bomb proof and that's why I'll continue to buy Mavic wheels.

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by Juggernaut

These are my first set of carbon wheels & I've dreamt about owning my own pair ever since starting cycling just a short 8 months ago. With much anticipation my very own pair of carbon wheels arrived about a month ago & I've ridden on them since their arrival. Yesterday I did my first century on them & they performed great as I expected them to. I also own a set of Ksyrium Elites & fear they may not get back on the bike anytime soon because of how much I like these CC SL's. The only thing I would like to change is the colours of the stickers from all white to a tri-colour digital camo(Black, Red & White), solid red or matte graphite grey.


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