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by bahn

I glue 25mm Veloflex Arenbergs & Conti Competitions to my ENVE 7.8 and have seen no problem with the seating of the tubular to the rim bed and it looks like a nice snug fit... thumb tested and always been stuck well and difficult to remove later on. Although the rims are wide 29mm/27.5mm I think the rim bed profile is well designed for 25mm tyres and that there is just plenty of rim material to make the rims wide.

The same is true for all glue jobs - if you don't seat the tubular straight and centred then you can find the tubular won't have stuck very well to the edges of the rim.

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by Valy

Have not had much luck with this - what is the difference between aluminium and carbon gluiong tape?

Why can't aluminium specific tape be used on carbon rims?

by Weenie

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by Jugi

As far as I have understood, aluminium and carbon specific tubular glues do not have a drastic chemical difference. Usually the one meant for carbon doesn't provide as strong of a bond in small quantitys, but with a larger volume it just as strong.

As some rim manufacturers (I have seen disclaimers from FFWD and Zipp) do not recommend tubular tape for some of their carbon rims, I think a carbon specific tape could be ok to use on those rims.

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by Valy

Okay. I am just concerned with using Al tape for carbon handlebars. I stick some foam bits under the bar tape to hold them in place!

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