Colnago Master 55 Anniversary - 6520 gr Pics on Pg13

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by HillRPete

I don't really share the component brand concerns of others. As long as you keep them subtle and unobstrusive so the frame stands out, you should be on track for an awesome build.

My only (high end) gripe would be for the components to have a consistent finish. With the "twill" weave brakes it would be awesome if all of crank/handlebars/saddle would be twill too. And if possible the stem and seatpost matching the frame's solid glossy black.

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by maverick_1

sure, you're very much entitled to your own opinion..respect :thumbup:

thanks for the opinion on the twill weave pattern. yes, the post and saddle will be twill.

definitely not easy managing this build, i'm looking at as little weight as possible, yet retaining the classic look since it's a Master X, but note the frame itself with the gold "classy" highlights will make things even more difficult.
it's going to be mostly all black and gold, less the Extralite logos in white, and perhaps the Ergo levers with the red highlite.

as mentioned, my personal preference on Easton bars attract more than enough critics :mrgreen:
handlebar is definitely a personal thing, it's the dimension that suits me and the weight is pretty decent as well.
ignore the red as it'll be covered by the bar tape (obviously).

anyway keep an eye on the built, i'm confident enough to say that you guys won't be left disappointed :wink:


by Weenie

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by SWijland

Sure hope you will be sanding down and clear coating those Easton bars. A very ugly part on an otherwise very unique build.

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by dcj9

i really like the way this build is coming on :thumbup:

looking forward to seeing what you decide for the wheels - there are so many ways you could go on that one.

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by prendrefeu

I like the frame. A lot.
The component choice is your choice.

But - aesthetically - either all black (gloss) or black (gloss) with gold-coloured metal bits.
Silver & gold together is a travesty.

You will need to tune/customize your componentry with this build. Simply "selecting" them is one thing, but if you do not take the effort to customize them to match the frame, it will be lost.

I'm sure the frame will ride well regardless. But if you chose this frame for its looks, don't dress it up blindly.
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by Rumsas


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by maverick_1

just arrived all the way from Utah, USA.
brand new Reynolds RZR46T, 2012.

BOB decals, rather understated and should not clash with the gold/black frame highlights.
the wheelset weighs 954gr for both front and rear, spokes are wider and seemed stiffer than my previous RZR.
IMHO significant improvement in built quality compared to the original RZR.

nonetheless, great customer service from Reynolds.


here's a picture of a 2010 RZR, with BOB decals on my previous C50.


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by kgt

I am not sure about the wheels :?

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by cmh

I don't get that kind of money for those wheels. Lightweight is the only one I'd consider in that range but to each their own. Personally some blacked out Boras would look much better.

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by maverick_1


i kinda understand how you feel, especially a Reynolds on a Colnago. it's out of place no doubt.
well, sticking to the main criteria of this built: all black with a little touch of gold, reasonably lightweight with a goal to achieve sub 15lbs. the RZR decals is rather difficult to spot if you look at the C50. Should be fine :thumbup:


not sure what you mean exactly (price wise?), currently selling at USD4.5k from CC. ... .41.1.html" onclick=";return false;
anyway, this is a replacement wheelset from Reynolds USA.
and yes, Bora has been considered, perhaps in the near future.


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by Stolichnaya

The anticipation for this bike is killing.

Maverick_1, build this rig up!


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by Wingnut

One part of me says this deserves a traditional build with a full Campy ensemble but I'm just as keen to see it in a light weight bitsa build too...hurry up & get it together! :popcorn:
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by maverick_1

I guess there's no Reynolds on the final built afterall....
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by maverick_1

Additional progress..apologies for the poor lighting
Cosmetic highlites in gold on the saddle/post combo
(PS: sorry Jure, had to remove your signature decals)



by Weenie

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by Berk

No problem at all :thumbup: can't wait to see that bike
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