Colnago Master 55 Anniversary - 6520 gr Pics on Pg13

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by majklnajt

maverick_1 wrote:@majklnajt

I know, it's never easy to please you, haha. Still preferring the LW Std as oppose to the Ventoux?

Absolutely! Hyperions also! :thumbup:
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by Rumsas

Looks so fast with those low lw's
I want to see a action picture now

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by maverick_1

additional weightweenie bling..
now, should I replace the SR RD with this??
an overkill maybe :hmm:


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by jz4nyc


that bike is gorgeous. :beerchug:

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by jsinclair


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by welkman

love it mmmmmm :beerchug:

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by canbakay

Nein! Nein! Nein!

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by kgt

Don't do it.

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by maverick_1

hey guys, isn't this a weightweenie forum? every single gram matters :lol:

well joke aside, for those who oppose the change, care sharing with me the reasons if any?
the SR RD works perfectly fine no doubt, SR weighs 159gr vs 119gr for the LW RD.


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by mihai

sex on wheels!

maverick_1 wrote:Here's a pic with the customary Lightweight Standard :wink:


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by rajMAN

Totally beautiful Master. I too are reminded of the John Player Special. :D

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by Elrey

The most beautiful Colnago i'v ever seen. Maybe one of the most beautiful bikes I'v ever seen.

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by pje0713

Wow. With the lightweights it's just amazing, but in general it's beautiful.

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by maverick_1

Finally gotten myself the 'correct' bottle cage by Elite.
I believe these carbon cages were among the last Italian made carbon cages before Elite decided to move the manufacturing to Asia. Compared to the Asian made Elite Patao carbon cages on my other bikes, the attention to detail on the older Elite cage is second to none.
Need minor cosmetic clear coat restoration (got these used), otherwise in decent condition.


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by lacie123401

WOW!! I couldn't resist but to register and tell you how awesome the build is...
I'm also interested in a colnago master 50cm. I've found some geo online from their website etc,
Do you mind if I may ask what the exact standover height might be for the 50cm?

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