Planet-X Nanolight HM - 5.63kg

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by moshinho


by Weenie

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by pttx

Wow, very nice bike. How do those carbon chainrings hold up?

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by mrfish

Looks good. It appears there is little need to spend 5x the amount on something with a more recognised brand name.

I think PX do a great job of bringing low cost / high quality parts to the masses.

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by astranoc

Thanks guys. pttx the carbon chainrings are holding up fantastic! I didn't expect them to be that good to be honest. I 've clocked a lot of miles on those and are still great.

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by locktopus

I still want one of these. The frame is a lovely shape.

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by totoboa

Just saw this thread astranac. Nice job !!!! OT but I always wonder where peoples are from, and get wild Ars guesses by looking at their pics. Here's to sunny Ireland :beerchug: Thought I saw a palm tree in the first landscape pic but that's a negative apparently. :wink:

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by astranoc

Thanks very much :) Yes.. it's sunny ireland haha

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by tdm

Nice build. I've got a nanolight myself, although nowhere near as fancy as yours.

I've been looking to replace the bearings in my nanolight and the lower one appears to be an odd size 51.5mm diameter (all other bearings I can find are 52mm or 51.8mm). Which model of campagnolo headset did you end up using with your build when you head the stock tapered forks? Did you need to modify the frame/forks at all for them to fit?


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