Planet-X Nanolight HM - 5.63kg

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by astranoc

I know that comparing it to some of the machines I've been drooling in this forum that it's not much but it's quite a unique PX I would like to believe.

So the build list:

PlanetX nanolight HM frame size L
Cannondale SuperSix fork
Campag SR11 Chainset with carbon chainrings and kcnc bolts
Campag SR11 FD
Campag SR11 RD with carbon pulleys
Campag SR11 shifters
KMC 11SL chain
Alligator mini ilink casing with jagwire cables
KCNC C7 brakes
Zipp Contour SL bars 44cm
Lizardskins DSP bartape 1.8
Extralite Stem 120mm
Extralite Ultrastar2 expander
Extralite taperhead1 headset
Smud Seatpost
Smud saddle
Smud seatpost clamp
Smud bottle cages and bolts
Farsport wheels 24mm tubs, edhub ceramics, cxray spokes with 25mm Veloflex Roubaix tyre
Tune skewers
Recon 11sp cassette

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by tjk

probably bad spacing between those two chainrings, if you have any spacers under small chainring you should go for smaller one, chain should not fit between chainrings.. teeth count seems to be ok... so I suppose this could be the issue.

edit: I had the same problem on my MTB with Tune fastfoot cranks, when I ran 42/29 double chainring setup on 97 BCD everything worked fine, but when I changed for 40/27 on 97/54 BCD It become unrideable because small ring was too small and too close to big ring, so I had to add spacers and than I had problem with falling chain between chainrings. I remeber one race I stucked chain between them so hard I couldn´t get it out for twenty minutes 8) i tried almost ewerithing from pulling up to standing on and rotating cranks :mrgreen: ,this happend very often when I started with 3mm spacers under small ring, than tried 2mm and ended with 1,5mm .. than was distance between chainrigs perfect.
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by Weenie

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by locktopus

I've always liked that frame. Looks clean. PX paint is very subtle.

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by Valbrona

Nice bike. New to road riding, eh?

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by astranoc

Thanks for the info tjk, i only have one small spacer on the bolt thats directly on the crank.

Valbrona wrote:Nice bike. New to road riding, eh?

4th year cycling, 2nd year racing. If you are saying that related to the position that looks upright is my bad flexibility, still, there is 8.5cms drop from saddle to the drops. I am hoping to be able to lose that 2mm spacer near the summer.
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by Juanmoretime

Very well done and nice weight for pretty much so a stock Campy build. :thumbup: What size is it and what did the frame and fork by themselves weigh?

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by astranoc


The frame is size large, weighted 1016gr and the fork 377gr uncut.

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by Julioo

Nice bike!!!

What does this wheels weigh?

I'm sorry for my bad English

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by playride

i like the color combination on the bike.. Everything seems to blend in. I would like to know the wheelset weight too.. thanks.

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by astranoc

Thanks guys, wheels weight around 1260gr. There are many variations of Gigantex rims, from 300gr up to 450.

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by aldocg

I've been looking at the Planet X website and it's silly how cheap everything is.

Since I live outside the EU sales are VAT free, so -20% of what those guys pay.

1000 gram frame (most likely 970g my size) 333 pounds
200 gram bars 80 pounds
1650 gram wheelset 105 pounds
205 gram brakeset 80 pounds
etc etc


You can EASILY custom build a 7 kilo bike on Planet X for 2k USD or so.

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by Ramjm_2000

Very clean build! Nice!!

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by dcj9

i totally get the direction you have gone with this built :thumbup:

you have a great bike there.
there is a law of diminishing returns kicking in on carbon frames costing six times what the planet x frame/fork costs.
in the last 2 years, prices on certain prestige brand taiwanese/china made carbon frames seem to have gone into orbit:

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by reggiebaseball

Nice bike!
How do you like those brakes, do they stop well compared to the Campy equivalents?

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by 743power

Sharp looking build! The asthetics of that frame are nice. Little bit of slope, little bit of curve, nothing crazy.
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by Weenie

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