CAAD10 Upgrade Project

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by Pepijn2010

The last few months I was busy upgrading my Magnesium White CAAD10 Ultegra.

This is the upgrade list so far:

Campagnolo Shamal™ Ultra™ 2012 Wheels
Ritchey WCS Carbon Matrix 4-AXIS UD Stem
Sella Italia SLR Kit Carbonio Flow Saddle
C-Bear Ceramic Bearings (after the original Bottom Bracket was broken within 1 year -> thanks Cannondale !).
2 x Cannondale Carbon Cage EVO
2 x Schwalbe Ultremo ZX

Next on the (wish)list is a Ritchey WCS Superlogic evolution carbon bar to replace the heavy Cannondale C3 Bar (would save more than 100 grams).

The Weight came down significantly, but I want to push it further. So, my question is to you guys: what do you recommend ?

(yes, forget the saddle bag in the picture ;-) ).

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by headwind816

SLSI cranks :thumbup:

by Weenie

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by cfrankscid

Here are some that worked great on my build and aren't too pricy

Thomson masterpiece seatpost. 142gr
SRAM red cassette 166gr
Kcnc skewers 45gr
Tune topcap and extralite expander (should save you 30plus grams)
Conti supersonic tubes - saves 40gr each over conventional tubes.

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by tranzformer

headwind816 wrote:SLSI cranks :thumbup:

Exactly. Not only eye candy but functional too.

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by Guymk

look around for a used sisl. I got one for $340, albeit it had some wear but still. Its an awesome crank, super stiff and light.

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by Zachariah

Shamal Ultra on a Cannondale, is straight-up sexy. If you want need the Hollowgram Si or SiSL crankset:

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by Pepijn2010

Yeah Campa Shamal Ultra's are nice -> love them on my CAAD10 !

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by locktopus

what is the cadence sensor? or whatever that thing is on the NDS chain stay?

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by Zitter

looks like a Cateye sensor

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by Pepijn2010

The last year I have been busy lowering the weight of my CAAD10.

I upgraded to the following parts:
Campagnolo Shamal Ultra 2012 Wheels (1425 grams)
Ritchey Superlogic II handlebar with 3T Pro Tape (188 + 61 grams)
Ritchey WCS Carbon Matrix 4-AXIS UD Stem (121 grams)
Sella Italia SLR Kit Carbonio Flow (115 grams)
two Cannondale Carbon Cages (40 grams total)
Dura-Ace 7901 chain (252 grams)
Dura Ace 7900 pedals (248 grams)
KCNC Chainring bolts (10 grams)
Ultremo ZX tires

What parts would you recommend to save more weight on the CAAD10 - and then especially looking at a USD/gram basis ? (yes and forget about the pump and the saddle bag in the picture ;-) ).

Thanks !

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by odin99

looks at some of the builds in the into section - it will give you lots of ideas.

what crankset do you have? might start there. also consider the seatpost, brakes, cassette.

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by cerro

Change the crankset, it's heavy. Then group for a Force or Dura-ace for example. Can save weight everywhere but don't start with handlebar and stem that is pretty light.

Then it depends on your goal. A low profile tubular wheelset would save some weight to and be a nice upgrade
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by jbucky1

loose the saddle bag, put the CO2 and the tube in your jersey pocket. A good 200grams savings! :-)

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by AttacknowAttackoften

Thomson Masterpiece
Lighter brakes
Shallow profile tubular wheels
Expander plug/top cap system

That's where I'd look to shave weight on that steed...
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by Weenie

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by Pepijn2010

Thanks !

By the way I did upgrade the topcap to a much lighter one.

The question for me what the most cost effective way is to reduce more weight (i.e. in terms of USD per gram).

The crankset I gave a thought of course, thinking about Dura Ace 7900 one, but in terms of weight reduction costs, it is like USD 2 per gram - which is not really tempting ...

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