NEW PROJECT - 2012 CANNONDALE supersix project - help please

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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B

What he said.

Sadly there is no way to build a light bike with lightish parts. Things need to be lighter then the rest in order to go on your bike.
Sell the brakes and get some 2nd hand zero gravity ones that you will find on sale here.
Go on eBay and buy yourself a cf saddle. The skewers you mentioned are good. The seatpost and stem, sell them and get lighter parts. Get light bar tape like deda or lizzard skins

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by runningrunningjump

thanks guys. yeah some choices ive made might have been a little hasty. i had a little cash plus the money from the sale of the synapse but wanted to get as much good kit as possible. i could have gone brand new sram/ DA 7900 but only ended up with half the bike done and still be on a 300g saddle and 300g seatpost! see my flikr pictures.

i did almost go the sram route. but as you correctly mention i would have ended up on force. i realize 7800 is older and not super light but i know several people who love theirs so much! a bit of a look online and you just cant find anyone slating 7800, sram gets a good kickin on many forums.

the saddle i cant do much with, im one of those unlucky guys who is still after a number of years is not 100% comfortable on a road bike! Fizik Aliante is as good as ive found so far! thats a drag as they are all heavy! the second kick in the nuts is this XXX bontrager seatpost which does not work with carbon rails! aaha i need to decide either to keep the seatpost and chop about 10cm off the bottom, then change the top bolt for ti (if its not already?) that could get post under 200g im sure its 212g now.

there are a lot of nice carbon seatposts about that are light but they are all 27.2 and ive read shims are the work of the devil.

brakes are an interesting area, again 7800 is much loved online, but the super light ones do im afraid get quite a kick in online, manly about power, which when your coming down the local hills at 44mph (my current record on 50x12) you kinda like the feeling you could stop if something pulls out a side road!

thanks for the complement on the skewers, at least im getting something right!

although, excluding the wheels, i have knocked over 400g off the standard super six 105!

im not against changing parts i have already bought.

please hit me with suggestions?

i need to buy a cassette and chain, im thinking sram red powerdome 11-26, and DA7800 chain, ive used them before and they just go on and on!

cranks, the slks are very light! 590g inc rings! hollowgrams would save at least 100g but im not sure where you buy your hollowgrams from but in the uk, they make £500 second hand!!!!

keep it coming!

good times

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by Dammit

Dura Ace 7800 shifters are 420g (all weights from the listings section here btw).
Sram Force shifters are 306g (Red is ~8g lighter than Force, so the budget conscious choice would be Force).

So, you've now got to save 114g off another component to make up for the shifters.

If you really want to get the weight off the bike then you need to examine each component and ask if it represents the best balance of price/performance and weight.

In the UK Fudge Cycles do great deals on shifters and front and rear mech, Force would be £399.99.

If you don't mind second hand then you can pick up Red for that price on eBay, or BikeRadar etc.

Bars and seatpost- Ritchey WCS kit comes up on eBay all the time, you'd be looking at 189g for the post and ~210g for the bars.

Shop carefully and get both those for £100.

Hollowgrams can be had for ~£250 complete, and I got a Dura Ace 7900 11-25 cassette for £50 posted on eBay the other day which would do nicely- 180g or thereabouts.

KNC Superlight SL chains work well, are light and are easily available, and are available in super blinging Ti nitrided gold if you like.

Other than that, you could cut 200g or so off the wheels by going to some carbon tubs.

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by Ciclicasati

Is the new Sram red 2012 out yet? you might start to see 2011 Red bargains coming on on ebay.

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by runningrunningjump

ok im hearing you!

i think ill keep an eye out for the sram parts, wait till ive got them on a good deal either new or s/h (im trying not to go to mad on cost otherwise id just have bought a super six evo!) then ebay the dura ace. i wanna ride the dura ace for a little bit though and see what all the fuss is about, never had a bike with either dura ace or xtr! always been 105/ultegra or deore/XT.

Just looking quickly Planet X (i got the bottle cages from them and they have a fantastic sale on right now!)and they do two different brake sets both of which are not crazy money in the sale and they are light! 225g - £60 or 205g down to £99!

shame about the bontrager xxx kit, it looks amazing! but actually isnt super light! ill take a look at the WCS kit! thanks

keep it coming!

good times
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by runningrunningjump

ok so ive received the new bits:

KCNC ti skewers 42g vs. 106g for the ti Mavic ones
Dura Ace 7800 brakes are 160g/162g vs. 190g/190g for 2012 105 brakes

Im keeping a close eye out for Sram force/red as suggested.

THe planet X CNC brakes they have for £99 inc quality pads look ace and according to the review on bikeradar they are the same as the Token ones that are £250! there are also a few Zero gravity ones around for £100-170 but it looks like they take odd pads? campy 2000s? are these brakes essentially the same quality? if so ill get the Planet X brand new, but Cannondale do spec the Zero G's on the Supersix Evo Ultimate so i guess they are the best, yes? please tell me?

im looking for Ritchey WCS seatpost as suggested but in 31.6 itll be about 185g vs the 212g ive got already so not a massive saving.

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by runningrunningjump

So from the hard evidence given here ive taken back off and sold:

Bontrager XXX stem (144g)
Bontrager XXX seatpost (212g)
Dura Ace 7800 brakes (162g/160g)

Ive bought:

Ritchey WCS carbon stem - not arrived yet
Ritchey WCS carbon seatpost - not arrived yet (ive been told by the buyer it weighs 180g)

because i am not using bontrager post i can change the Fizik Alitante Kium (239g) for and Carbon one (199g)!!!

Ive still not heard from any of you regarding a brake choice, the Planet X CNC look the best value, but i might chicken out and go Sram Red (still 50g lighter then 7800)

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by runningrunningjump

Sram Force shifters have been bought! thanks Dammit!

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by stuartrav

I am looking forward to your updates as I have a 2011 Supersix 54cm 105 group set, from the shop the only change was to GP4000s and it was way over 8kg. It now has Dura Ace C24 wheels, Token TK161 seat clamp, Michelin Aircomp ultra light tubes, 2 x Bontrager X Lite Carbon cages, Garmin watch mount and old 105 pedals and is circa 7.9kg.

I have Token TK233 skewers on order and thus far that is it (have a young family to support)!

My local bike shop has told me horror stories re light weight brakes so like you I am very nervous on that area. Any suggestions you can make re cheap weight saving measures that don't compromise the performance of the bike would be greatly appreciated, (for example I didn't go for lighter tubes as I don't want to increase the risk of punctures).

On this note how are the bottle cage bolts? Was the weight difference compared to the stock Cannondale ones or ones that came with the Cages as that is a huge saving. Have you considered changing any other bolts to Ali / titanium as I get the impression that this can be a good way to save weight presumably with no loss to performance.

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by runningrunningjump

ive now ordered Zero Gravity negative G brake set (est 235g) and swiss stop green pads

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by runningrunningjump

Sram force shifters have arrived. they weigh 346g inc two cables which come pre fitted, but two other cables weigh in at 40g so makes the shifters 306g. So:

2012 Shimano 105 : 498g
2008 Shimano Dura Ace 7800 : 428g
NOS Sram Force : 306g

i sold the brand new 105 mechs and shifters for what i paid for the force shifters NOS, have also go a 2nd hand 7800 dura ace front mech for under £30 which weighs 100g with a 34.9 clamp (might get the KCNC clamp should save 15g = £11)

All i need now is a rear mech, force weighs about the same at 7800 (180g ish) Red is twice the price and saves about 30g.... not great value...

decided to take the plunge and try the Zero Gravity s as these are the negative G stronger and 30g heavier ones. should work out:

105: 380g
DA: 322g
-G: 240g ish (ill know in a few days)

A2Z bottle cage bolts seem great! my scales could not measure one bolt so i guess each on is 1g. standard cannondale bolts are 6g each (see my flickr pictures) so 24g vs 4g for £3.90. no brainer! when you think im looking at 30g difference between rear mechs force vs red for and extra £100+

If youve got the same seatpost as me at 294g it is easy to find a post on ebay that ll save 50g for about £15. to get down to 180g you ll need more like £50-150

if you could ebay your 105 shifters and rear mech as i did that should mostly cover these NOS force i got for under £160 and then just keep the 105 front mech and add even an sram apex rear mech which would be the same weight as your 105, but the change to the shifters alone is worth £192g! and might cost you in total £50-100

while your there, the standard cannondale bar weighs 316g, but a half decent metal one off ebay ritchey etc come in at 250g and can be found for £20 so another potential 66g there...

good times

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