[Road] How old is every one here?

Who are you (no off-topic talk please)

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Location: Colorado

by nzkiwiguy

37 yr old New Zealand transplant in Colorado. Currently looking for a business to buy after selling mine last year.

race MTB endurance - 12/24 hr multiday stage races or marathon's. Roadie for training and getting in to T'T's
24hr small.jpg
24hr world solo mtb 2003 in canada. 3rd in age and 26th overall

in the industry
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by ZeroG

Ted Ciamillo here, 35; engineer, cnc machinist, designer of Zero Gravity road brakes...

This is a diver propulsion vehicle I designed and piloted for a National Geographic expedition to photograph great white sharks near the Neptune islands off the coast of southern Australia. I'm the guy on the left with the "you want me to do what?!!" look on my face.

by Weenie

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by nzkiwiguy

Ted, I did a shark dive in the same area in a big cage. Youare one crazy dude to do that. I hope it had a quick release!

Racing Aardvark
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by Racing Aardvark

30 years old, QA Manager at a world leader in Engineering Software.

Me doing some hillwork early last year (with my fiance whose work is now appearing in CycleSport, yeeha!)


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by SwimBikeRun

I am 32 in May and an Officer in the German Army. That kinda keeps me busy but I still find time to ride my toys.

I have a Pinarello which now wheighs in just under 7 Kilos after I got my ax lightness seat post, my Tri-bike based on a Canyon Speedmax 3 frame is under 8 kg with the new Lightweights on it. And then there´s of course a winter bike based on an old reliable steel frame with a Shimano 14-gear 105.
No mountain bike yet, but planning to buy one for next winter.
Pinarello Galileo 7,0 kg
Canyon Speedmax 3 8,0 kg (ok for a tri bike...)

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by asphaltdude

Some more pics of me: (20 year old student (human motion sciences & free university amsterdam) from holland)

[size=9]Embedded images causing login prompts -> removed - Florian
[size=9]Embedded images causing login prompts -> removed - Frankie - B
Whow! That's a pretty damn nice garage door!

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by secularist

34...native of the Washington DC area...live in West Virginia now (stop laughing it's cheaper!) but still work in Virginia suburbs as a manager of a fitness equipment store. Planning to open my own bike shop in the next year or so. Sooner if I can...

I miss my IndyFab Crown Jewel...

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by campbell53

I own a Ford dealership selling Fords, Lincolns and Mercurys. I ride a brand new 2004 Cervelo P3 and also have a 2001 Cannondale R600 road bike and a Gary Fisher mb. I do Ironman triathlons. The pic is me at IM Florida Nov. 2003.
IMFL bike.jpg

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by bikerb

Age: 16
Location: Colorado, USA
Occupation: Cyclist & Student
You know you are a weight weenie when your favorite tool is a Dremel! :lol:

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by Petacchi

20 years old as of March
Student at the University of Delaware
Riding for a Club team in my home city of Baltimore
Also just starting racing last year so this year I am hoping to ride make a splash. I also ride in the ECCC which is a college cycling conference.
Fighting Blue Hens

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Location: Italia

by Delpi

I am 26 years old. From Italy (Friuli) near Venice

My hobby: Uphill and road race.

My work: I sell the light!! ... Lamps ecc. :idea:
Only the best italian firms.
Medio Fondo 2.jpg
Ciao Zauri

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WWotY 2007
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by Adrien

I bring back this interesting thread :)

I'm 19 at the moment,I'm still at school(university).

Here is a picture of me,the 8 of may 2004:


Here are two newer ones(23 of august 2004):



Edit: I'm 63kg for 178cm.
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by gandini

Married with kids: 47 years, 25 on a bike. University professor: teacher and researcher. When I was starting out, I worked at a bike shop to afford the cool gear, now I just buy it--much more expensive but it's my passion and my means of transport. I drive a car rarely...
I've always had light bikes. My first was a custom frame made of Columbus Record tubing--reportedly the stuff used by Merckz in record attempts, but all I know it was straight guage .5mm wall thickness CroMo. Mavic OR7 tubbies that weighed nothing and lasted about the same amount in time. Campy Record gear with the titanium bolts everywhere. It still weighed about 17lbs 20 years ago. My all carbon TCR now weighs about 13lb (with the new Pulsions I just got...!)
I figured that every pound I shaved off my Merlin Extralight (previous bike) cost me $1000US. oops.

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by Villadsen

Age: 37
Citizen: Danish
Stay: Frankfurt, Germany
Do: Work in a bank
This is what I used to ride back in 83 when I still had dreams of becoming a pro. More can be seen here: http://www.rydjor.com/bikecollection/1983gazelle.htm

by Weenie

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Location: The Netherlands

by Michiel

35 years.
Working as a projectmanager.
I live in the Netherlands, the southern part.

I'm a roadcyclist and a MTB-er in the wintermonths.

This is my current ride, soon to be updated with some new parts :D
Fiets Michiel 1.JPG

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