[Road] How old is every one here?

Who are you (no off-topic talk please)

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Location: Helsinki, Finland

by Bigfoot

I am 40 years old service rep. from Helsinki.

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by zacster

I'm 50, from NYC, and still cycling. Just waiting for the warm weather at this point in March. I do Financial systems.

I bought this for my 50th bday in January, pretty sweet I think.


big fellow
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by big fellow

giddy up zacster..that thing is PORN :twisted:

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by Eddy

Hi ,

new member , chef , living in thailand since 9 years , 38 years old , road bike, mtb , triathlon .

37306-62  Time trial Rama 5.jpg
TT.in bangkok

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by spokey1.0

21 years old, from Texas but graduating from college in Vermont this year.

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by DasSiebteSchaf

Hello! I'm 18, from Germany, Hamm and go to school!

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Location: UK

by megman

31, live in Lichfield in England. I work in IT. I mainly time trial, but have ridden the odd road race and a bit of time on the track too.

I have 5 bikes, but none real weight weenies as they are all steel apart from my cheapo winter training bike. Only Campag on my bikes though.

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by Legs

I'm a 23-year-old civil engineer living in Manchester, UK. I've just begun my 10th season of biking - mainly time-trialling. My rides are:

an Argos-built Ishiwata 017 steel-framed TT bike, built up with a mixture of bits and pieces, Profile BDC fork, Specialized tri-spoke wheels - handles like a barn door, quite heavy (21.5lb) but goes like stink in a straight line.

Trek 5200 OCLV with full D/Ace 8spd (20lb) - an oldie, but a goodie. Awaiting an upgrade to Ultegra 10spd.

Paul Milnes 7005 aluminium hack bike (24lb) - for pounding out those winter miles in the Peak District.

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by spokey1.0

Sorry, all I had previously were mountain pictures, but here's one of me at a road race two weekends ago.

http://www.printroom.com/ViewGalleryPho ... image_id=9

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by PsyDoc

I am a 38-year-old psychology professor in south Georgia. Spent my "youth" growing up in southern California (specifically, Fullerton) and spending my summers at Newport Beach on 42nd street.

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by brianwchan

My friend is from Fullerton too! Sunny Hills High i think.

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by SDP

i am 39 & ride a giant tcr/shimano..with loads of trick bits , Ti/carbon etc

also ride fixed a lot ..i am a insurance broker in the UK

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Location: Belgium Gent

by Hermie

I am 19 years old, from Belgium and I ride a Kuota Kalibur. (also e Ridley Scandium because I have to... :( )
So I ride with the U23 and I am a student on the university in Gent.
Campa is the best

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Location: Dorset, UK

by dan,cave

im 33..

I ride a Peugeot 708 classic with shimano bits (training bike),
an Airborne Thunderbolt with 105(race/road)

7005 campag chorus & dura ace 52cm Timetrial bike (homebuilt)

... Soon to be riding a Fahrenheit Titanium Plasma Road bike, full carbon parts and Xero Carbon wheels.. Ultegra Groupset.


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by LabRatMatt

25 year old computer science grad student at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA (US). I'm a road biker and have plenty of good mountain riding in the area. Begining cat 5 racer.

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