[Road] How old is every one here?

Who are you (no off-topic talk please)

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by Superlite

Sweet! My post is now a stickey! 8)

by Weenie

big fellow
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by big fellow

32 years old

exercise physiologist living and working in Asia

bike-o-phile for last 15 years

bike-o-phile for life

newly addicted to this forum

giddy up!

Stevie Boi
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by Stevie Boi

I'm only 18, working as an electrical engineer in Glasgow, Scotland to pay for my obsession with bikes. I ride a Giant mtb and a Trek road bike though I intend to have something a lot lighter very soon :D


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by jcthomasjr

Hi there,

37 years young. :P
Live in Maryland, USA.
Software Engineer at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. The company I work for is SSAI.

Like each bike ride, life is a journey.

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45 years ,live in california U.S.A., personal trainer.

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by eurostar

Hi. 1'm 42 and live in London. I came back to cycling this year after a 17 year break. Went to Norway and the west coast of the US for 3 months and did about 3000 miles on my 1984 Condor with 6 speed Dura Ace - the first year that DA had indexed shifting. I think the bike weighs just under 20 lbs so it was considered FAR too good for me when I bought it!

I enjoyed touring so much this year that I would like to spend about 8 months a year on the road. Looking forward to seeing Cuba, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Mexico...anywhere warm with decent roads. I invest in property, which mostly requires about an hour of work a week by email and phone. So living on the road is easy.

I've ordered a Serotta Ottrot ST - it will be the BEST touring bike in the world, and maybe under the UCI weight limit....we shall see! I'm just choosing the components now, with help from you guys of course! I did 158 miles in a day on my Condor a couple of months ago. The Serotta will be the most comfortable bike money can buy, so I'd like to see how far I can go on it. But I'm no athlete - proper ultra events like the RAAM are completely out!

Oh,and my real name is Nick. The Eurostar thing is from when I used to race the Eurostar train on my motorbike!

Roy Gardiner
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by Roy Gardiner

So there is one gentleman of 92 :shock: one of 62 one of 57 and two including me at 52. So I can't even get on the podium in the FOG contest here :(

52; Live in London, England; Computer programmer since 1971 and never made diddleysquat out of the most dynamic industry since printing was invented.

Road bike Ambrosio Alu/Carbon (next year to be a Gängl), Record componentry except FSA crankset (it's an old pic...), Powerpedals.


Never to be the lightest because of the Powerpedals but a great looking (IMO of course) and handling machine.
Hainault Roads Club

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by jersievers

27, road racer working behind a desk at a college in Des Moines, IA making sure their website works.

Was a bike wrench for 3 years, wheels and race bikes are my specialty.

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by vaclav

I´am 36, living in Czech republic in little village in green natur. I work in polygraphy. I like road bike, my family and dog. Nothing more over me... :roll:
pasta, aqua e bici

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by Dellucci

Hi everybody I am a 35 year old Triathlete :D

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by crewman

Hi everyone I'm 42 year old and live in Ontario Canada. I work as an Industrial Mechanic specializing in Robotics for Toyota Motor Manufacturing (Cambridge, Ontario).

Started riding about 5 years ago and started racing masters division first time this year (the picture is of me during my second race of the season).

I also double duty as a Road Commissaire at the races that I do not ride.
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"It's all about the Tempo"

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by Scapin/Dean

Nice Cannondale!! Don't see nearly enough of them with Campy gear.
Just because you are not paranoid doesn't mean we aren't out to get you.
Those who ignore histroy are doomed to repeat it.

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by Stoeperd

I'm 19 years old. In the last year of mechanical engineering. And I work in a cyclingshop :P. Riding cycling competitions and in the winter I ride a MTB region competition, that I won last year and this year I'm the number one with one race to go :D and 7 points lead.

The bike isn't the problem

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i'm 17 now i come 18 this year :)

and i'm from belgium ;)

by Weenie

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Marlboro Man
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by Marlboro Man

23 Living in Guildford, England. Read Law at University but now working in Audio Visual industry, mainly marketing but turning my hand to a few Commercial sales every now and then.

Thinking about racing again but only at 11pm when I get thrown out.

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