Trek 5200 refinish.

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by simonw

djay001 wrote:Razor blade
_____/__________ -----> direction of the razor blade
the tube

I have also done this to my trek

Awesome, thanks! Your trek looks nice, how did you even out the colour on the top tube? It looks lighter toward the middle in one of the pics

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by supermidget

Always a good build to revisit. Beautiful frame

by Weenie

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by dogg

this is fcuking awesome. props on the frame strip & refinish

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by ProfessorChaos

Thanks guys, and yes that diagram above is the way to do it. The color was most likely the lighting. Carbon does cool things with light. BTW if any of you are interested, the guy I sold this to is thinking about selling it. It will probably be cheap too. I took most of my good parts off, and I put either Ultegra, or 105 on it for him. I can't remember. If anyone is interested PM me, and I can find out more info.

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by DWatkinsBSB

To all our forum members, apologies for bringing back threads from the past and asking the same question. I just need the forum to email the OPs with a new post to their threads to see if I get an answer! Once again, my apologies!

Mate, I realise this was donkeys ago but hope you are still around to give me a hand.

Just bought a 1999 USPS frameset which comes with 1 inch steerer fork on a cane creek s2 headset.

I haven't been able to remove the headset yet but wonder if you knew what is the internal headtube diameter for this frame.

I wanted to go for a cane creek 110 ec34, 34mm headtube diameter for a 1 1/8 fork. It might be that the frame will only have a 30mm headtube, restricting me to those now hard to find half decent 1' inch carbon steerer forks!

Thanks (btw, the headset removal tool and the digital caliper have been ordered, but with Xmas and all I should only receive them early next year).

The spec sheet for a 5200 of the time says

25.4/34.0/30.0, 26.5 mm stack. 25.4mm is the steerer tube, 34 and 30? Anyone?


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by AJS914

You can post a question like that in the Road section for help. You might a wider audience with an appropriately named topic. :-)

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by DWatkinsBSB

Thanks for the suggestion. I have PM'd a bunch of the OPs (which is what I should have done from the start). If I don't hear back from them, I'll try posting a new thread on the road forum. Thanks!

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