Cervelo R5 VWD - 5700g

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by fadr

well done!

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by normcorriveau

Thanks everyone for the comments. As I mentioned in Footlink's thread on his bike I'm having issues with the Praxis rings and my KCNC chain. I had an email discussion with Adam@Praxis and he suggested I try a KMC or Shimano chain. What I'm actually planning is to try a compact crank (with different rings obviously). I've been think of trying a compact for some time and this was just enough incentive to get everything ordered. I'm just waiting for the Rotor to be shipped and then I'll get it installed. I'll likely up the weight slightly by going with a SRAM cassette and chain but I'll post a new pic with the revised weight once I'm done.


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by AptosBigRing

Hey Norm and folks...
Just another chime in. Charles Manantan over at Pez did a really in depth article on us that they just posted today. He pretty much left no stone unturned and gives great insight on out mfg and shifting.

Have a look here when you have time.

http://pezcyclingnews.com/?pg=fullstory ... est%20News

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by apLe

How do you like the 202s? Do you actually feel any aero advantage? I know it may be placebo or sth, but I would like to know your experience with those wheels. What about the stiffness and generally please write your opinion about them. I still can't decide which wheels to buy, 303 or 202.

Great bike anyway, I'm waiting for my R3 team, so at least I know (more or less) how this frame looks with 202s.
18' R5 coming soon...

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by normcorriveau

apLe, do you consider the 202's to be aero? I would not consider them for an aero advantage over a "training" wheelset. I really like them for the stiffness and light weight. If you want aero then the Firecrest 303s would be a much better bet. The 303's are heavier though so it really depends on what you are looking for. I will say that you should be happy with either set. I'm very happy with my 202s.


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by NiFTY

Sorry to resurect a thread, but how do you like the new ultimate cages - secure, easy in/out? I am looking to find some light cages that won't throw bottles and are smooth in/out. I will be using camelbak podiums. I find the arundel mandibles far too tight.
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