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by Enkei


This is the my first bike worth posting here, I started buying parts like 2 years ago but other stuff got in the way. The build was finally completeted last week, june 19th!
I didn't weigh all the parts so you're just getting the weight for the whole bike, I'll get a picture with a scale eventually.

My build philosophy has been Looks>Weight>Function which might seem weird to some of you but I really love bike aesthetics. As I continue to refine the build and make it lighter that will always come first :)

Final weight: 5.97 kg


Frame, fork & seatpost: HongFu FM066sl
Seatpost Clamp: Unknown (came with the frame)
Headset (Bearings): Neco, (came with the frame)
Topcap: ABSOLUT BLACK Ahead Cap, Aluminium
Expander: CARBON TI Expander X-Plug
Seat: Fizik Arione Versus
Stem: Deda Zero 1
Bar: 3T Ergosum LTD
Bartape: Lizard Skins DSP Race B
Bottle cages and hardware: Hong Fu cages and Bianchi titanium screws
Outer Cables: Standard
Inner Cables: Standard
Brakes: Planet-X CNC
Front Derailleur: Ultegra DI2 6870 11sp
Rear Derailleur: Ultegra DI2 6870 11sp
Crankset: SRAM Exogram
Bottom Bracket: Truativ Standard
Chainrings: Extralite Octaramp 2
Chainring bolts: SRAM Standard
Chain: KMC - X11SL DLC 11sp Bianchi Celeste
Shifters: Ultegra DI2 6870 11sp
Cassette: Recon 11sp Aluminium, Black
Wheels: Far Sports 24
Hubs: Ed Hubs
Spokes Sapim X-ray
Tires: Veloflex Extreme 22 Tubular Road Tyre
Pedals: Speedplay Zero Chrome-Moly

Moooar pictures!

Still lots to do but I'm pleased for now! Come winter I will probably start the next set of uppgrades!


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by stuka666

Awesome looking bike, just cut a bit of the steerer :p

by Weenie

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by Enkei

Ye, I'm still experimenting with cockpit height. But will cut it once I'm done.

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by prebsy

sweet, that chain is a really nice touch!

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by outnumbered

Nice, it's clear you put a lot of thought into that.

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by Marin

Nice! I have almost the same bike & wheelset, but with clinchers and steel cassette @ 6.1kg. Been riding and racing it since spring last year & it never missed a beat.

Great build!

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by stormur

what's the font for "brand" ? look awesome !
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by seaneT1

Wow!Strangely,Ultegra here matches perfectly with the colours you chose...usually dura-ace looks better but not here!..the only thing that looks a bit off is the little red square in the crankset...see if you could hide it somehow or make it would look gorgeous!!! nevertheless,the bike is sublime as it is!! Keep :up: !

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by Krull

very impressive bike and picture-quality.
sorry vor mai bed englisch!

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by euph

Really classy looking FM066SL. I have never seen a black cassette before? Is it painted, anodised or some sort of wizardry?

P.S. I like your priorities

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by coppercook62

How do those rings shift with Di2? I was thinking about getting them with my next build.

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by bencolem

Does look good, the 24's really match the slim tubes of the frame. If you're all about looks, I'd suggest sanding and re-lacquering the crank arms so they're all black...

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by aronjancso

Very nice! +1 for sanding the crank. You could also paint the derailleur hanger black. I have an fm011 with the same hanger and and used a black permanent marker. After a few months its still perfectly black.

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Very nice and quite a unique bike. Congratulations on the weight!
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by CulBaire

Love the attention to detail :thumbup:

by Weenie

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