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by nealjp

Hi all,
Inspired by your bike builds so I thought I'd pop in my own!
But I'm thinking I'll drip feed it :)

Here is the inspiration for my custom frame:

A painting by Clyfford Still.

...more to come...

/edit for Build List
Frame: Steel Caletti: 1.8 kgs
Forks: ENVE 2.0:
Brake levers: SRAM Red Black : L 163g - R 165g
Brake Calipers: TRP SL970 Ltd Edition : F 109g - R 111g
Bars: Deda Trentatique 35: 208g
Stem: Deda Trentatique 35 120mm : 126g
Headset: Chris King: 132g
Seatpost: Syntace P6 Hiflex: 226g
Seatpost Clamp: Thomson: 28g
Saddle: Fizik Kurve Snake: 225g
Wheels: HED Belgium C2 rims, CXRay spokes, Alchemy hubs: F 691g - R 873g
Tyres: Schwalbe Ultremo DD Durano: 250g
Tubes: Conti
Skewers: DT Swiss RWS: 51g
Crankset: SRAM Red Black 177.5mm: 667g
Bottom Bracket : SRAM Red Black : 108g
Pedals: Speedplay
Chain: SRAM : 251g
Cassette: SRAM : 246g
FD: SRAM Red Black: 69g
RD: SRAM Red Black: 145g
Bottle Cage: Bianchi Dr. Dobermann Carbon: 30g
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by astranoc

Interesting.. is that going to be a Baum?

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by nealjp

I did think about Baum until the expense kicked in.

I ended up going steel via John Caletti in Santa Cruz

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by andyindo

Nice! This should be interesting......When are you taking delivery of the frame?

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by Roobay

It could look like a dario Pegorreti creation his "Ciavate" paint scheme :mrgreen:
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by mattiTWOROADS

NICE! I LOVE bikes inspired by art/artists/paintings. I remember seeing the la vie claire look mondrian bikes in person and falling in love with cycling at that moment. For the first time, I realized that in cycling, there is an incredibly symbiotic connection between art/style/fashion and sport.

I can't wait to see more!

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by isaacross

Two of my favorite things modern art and custom bikes.

look forward to it. don't take to long with this "drip feed"

and "Welcome"

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by nealjp

Thanks for the welcome and the comments! I started this build back in July 11 but had been thinking about for way longer. As it would be custom geometry I decided to got to a bike fitter - it was worth the couple of hundred $.

The builder was also kind enough to send over some 'work in progress' photos:


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by RichTheRoadie

A proper fitting is *always* worth the extra £ / $ - especially if he advises against a massive drop that's not sustainable!

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by nealjp

@ Rich-Ti, couldn't think of anything worse! A fitter who suggested such wouldn't be worth the $.

@andyindo, I've taken delivery and it's been built-up. Just need to change the bar tape then I'll provide some pics and a build list with weights :)

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by nealjp

After John welded the frame he sent it over to Mark at Spectrum for the paint. John took these photos and sent them prior to shipping the bike:








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by split

Whoa. The detailed brush strokes are amazing. This is truly one-of-a-kind.
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by nealjp

The brush strokes look really cool in cold steel.

Here is a pre-build photo:

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by prendrefeu

Lookin' good? No.
Lookin' gorgeous? Yes.
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