Update: Now 7.56 lb. Ruegamer, 3,414 grams. new pics, p. 5+6

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by voodoojar

Donald, what mods did you do to the cranks?

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by kgt


by Weenie

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by bikeman71

Great stuff, Donald. I've got a Ruegamer Uberlight as well, but don't ever see it reaching this weight. Congratulations!

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by donald

The saddle does point down a little, I have it like that because when I am sitting the slight flex of the saddle puts it in a level position. On the crank, I removed some material from the back of the arms, the spider and the axel. I have had this crankset for about 7 years, Andy from Posh bikes got it for me,. It was one of the first made, at the time you could not get them here in the US. I used it for years on my Teschner, and now 4 years on this bike. What does it feel like to ride such a light bike? First, I told Rue I wanted a low BB height, it would never be a crit. bike, it is just an incredible feeling of lightness. When I am standing, going hard on a steep climb, there is no flex anywhere, it is very stable on decents, and on the flats I can ride no hands on the bar, I only say that to indicate the head angle, fork rake, headset, are all dialed in perfectely.

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by andy2

Thanks for the inspiration Donald!

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by wshiong

like it :thumbup:
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by Ozrider

Amazing. 3.61kg, that is 2.44 kg lighter than my Parlee.
Inspirational. :beerchug:
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by TOflat


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by gumgardner

What cables are you using?

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by wshiong


i really like your photo :thumbup:
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by morxy

You could shorten the cable housing into the rear brake calliper by 10mm and maybe save another 1-2 grams :)

Very impressed with the wheelset weight - 716g without skewers. Amazing. I need someone to build me clinchers like that!

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by donald

The cables I'm using are Power cords for the derailleurs and front brake, a very thin steel cable for the rear brake. I could have a lighter fork, and 4 years ago I did have a THM on it that Rue let me use for about 6 months. I just really like the Edge fork. I am a weightweenie because I even sand the chain ring bolts, I think I save 1 1/2 grams. The little holes in the cassette are made a little bigger and it is also sanded as far as I could go, and still work. I say this about the chain ring bolts and cassette lock ring to give you an example of how just about every part on the bike that can have some material removed, I have done it. And so doing this just about everywhere really helps to get the weight down.

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by playride

Gosh.. i couldnt believe the weight when i first read it! Congrats! Your are a true WW.. an inspiration to me.

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by Fuchspk

there it was :)

nice that you still work on it. i like the style. when i get my bike under the weight of yours, that would be fun. just still 700g to go :wink:

by Weenie

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Great Weight ?
Looks like ....
Stem Errection Deluxe :0(

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