Firefly FF50 Custom Ti

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by Stuartclark1977

Well, someone's post on "road" has prompted me to post my new ride:

Pics on p3 now

I took delivery about 2 weeks ago and she has been built up (with a different stem). A bit of settling in to do and then I will take some shots of the complete bike and the spec, plus a complete weight.

The Ti frame w/Thomson seat collar, bottle cage bolts and mech hanger is 1240g.
The 3T Rigida LTD fork was 324g uncut w/tapered steerer.

Frame spec. was fully custom geometry, internal Di2 wiring, tapered head tube, PF30 bb shell.

Because of a change of weather for the worse in the UK I have only managed 50km on her but it is an incredible ride, stable, smooth and yet stiff for accelerations. I cannot express how happy I am with the job Kevin, Tyler and Jamie have done for me (arranged through Barry at Bespoke Cycling in Farringdon). I was thinking of Baum when I stumbled across these guys and am glad I went for it, the options for finish are endless and the anodising colour they achieved on mine is ridiculous.
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by styrrell

Nice, I'm assuming the white outlines are painted on? Also love to see a complete build pic.


by Weenie

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by deltasierra

Beautiful, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to it built up. Make sure you use a Ritchey post to continue the trend of nothing matching: Thomson, Enve, 3T.

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by andyindo

Looking forward to this!You in London? This would look good parading around box hill or richmond park.

Must be one of the first in the UK? These guys are doing some seriously nice stuff.

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by josephjcole

deltasierra wrote:Make sure you use a Ritchey post to continue the trend of nothing matching: Thomson, Enve, 3T.

I love this forum :thumbup:

I also love the anodized details beautiful!

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by mrfish

Nice. About 53cm? Weight looks good too.

I have to admit I was thinking the same about the non-matching parts. Since the Thomson seat clamp is a work of genius (I have one on my tandem as others were not up to keeping my stokers bars in line) I would recommend an all-Thomson lineup. Masterpiece seat, straight of course plus stem = nice. Maybe get the fork sprayed no logo matt clear so that the emphasis is on the frame?

In fact I like it so much I'll trade you a ride on my Z5SL M if you're in SE London.

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by RichTheRoadie

Was in Barry's shop earlier today and his colleague was talking about this frame.

Not the first in the country (3rd through Barry I think), but rarer than Baums - for now at least! :wink:

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by Stuartclark1977

Ha - well I will not satisfy those wanting a company specific build list although there are things that I may do. Where there are no weights shows I got impatient and built her up i.e. bar, chain, bolts, cables, remote climbing switch, current build list:

FF Ti frame (1213g)
3T Rigida Ltd fork 1 1/8" to 1 1/5" tapered (324g uncut)
Chris King headset (134g)
Oval R900 stem (130g) (potentially change to 3T Ltd)
Oval R910 Aergo bar, internally wired for brakes (nokon) and Di2 (potentially change to 3T Ergonova Ltd but I need to try it first)
Shimano Di2 Groupset (7950 crank 653g, fr mech. 116g, rr mech. 214g, sti's 130g*2, rr brake 150g, fr brake 151g, 11-25 cassette 290g, 7810 pedals 275g)
Zipp 404 tubs w/conti competition 22's & x-lite skewers (fr 511g, rr 619g, qr's 79g, tubs inc valve extenders & glue 626g)
Thomson seatpost binder (27g) (likely to get changed)
Edge/Calfee Di2 seat post (27.2*350 zero offset, 244g) (likely to be de-badged. This post caused some stress to Barry and I but his mechanic did a great job of sorting it out)
Prologo Scratch Nack saddle (168g)
King Ti cages*2 (28g*2)
SRAM PF30 bb
K-edge chain catcher (10g)

Only other change may be going to shallow section rims but I cannot come to a conclusion on which set, possibly 7900 hubs with alpha 340's and 28 count or some R45's w/same rims or 7900 c24-tl's. We shall see.

North of London I'm afraid although I won't rule out it being seen in Richmond/Box Hill one day...
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by Stuartclark1977


54cm ETT,
47cm ST c-c.
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by justkeepedaling

Perfection. I love this frame

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by limba

Oooh, I was wondering when these would start showing up on the forum. Very nice.

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by jsinclair

beautiful frame, not so keen on the fork though. i thought firefly bikes shipped with enve forks as standard?

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by phallenthoul

nice frame.
does the fork has starnut inside? my Rigida 1.25" weighs 287g..

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by Stuartclark1977

Fork weight is just for the uncut tapered fork, no compression nut. It is actually the bit I am disappointed in as should be under 300g according to 3T but it is massive and the steering is so precise with this and the 44mm head tube.

Firefly do ship with an Enve 2.0 as standard, I upgraded to this fork as I liked it more having seen it at a trade show.
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by bespoke

It is such a beautiful frame
I wish we had it a while longer as it was attracting alot of attention!

The two nicest Ti frames I have ever seen in the flesh were this one, for the craftsmanship and design ethos and a Baum we built up (for its attention to detail and paint)

We have 3 Firefly MTBs being built up as we speak - I am so pleased for the guys in Boston; they deserve every success and the compliments being passed their way

by Weenie

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