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by Buffalo

April, March if I'm lucky.

In the mean time I'm trying to get better at XC skiing.

by Weenie

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by Buffalo

IMGP0457 by dissemination47, on Flickr

IMGP0464 by dissemination47, on Flickr

IMGP0459 by dissemination47, on Flickr

IMGP0454 by dissemination47, on Flickr

Sorry, camera kind of sucks. I would have taken it outside for a snow pic again but I feared if the ol lady saw me bring it outside she might try and make me leave it in the shed...So purple wall in the spare bedroom it is... I'll get some better shots this weekend.

Frame w/bearings, etc: 1311g
Fork: 408g
Cranks: Hollowgram: 548g
Shifters: Red 295g
Front Derailleur: Rival: 87g
Rear Derailleur: Red 145g
Saddle: Antares Braided: 148g
Cables: 176g
KMC DC10SC: 258g
Bar: Ergosum Team 44cm: 209g
Stem: Thomson X2 120cm: 155g
Seatpost: Thomson Masterpiece 27.2 x 330: 192g
Bartape: 64g
GP4000s: 404g
Vittoria tubes: 183g
Headset: 127g
Speedplay Zero cromo: 222g
Red Cassette: 163g
Planet X brakes: 205g
Soul S2.0: 1334 w/rimplugs
Soul Trinity cages(2): 46g
Soul Ti Skewers: 44g

Total 6724g

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by Buffalo

Seat post can afford to lose a good 10cm and the fork will be cut when I get a new top cap. Other than lighter bar tape I'm quite happy with the rest of it.

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by kgt

Don't like green pedals.

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by SWijland

Very nice ride you have there. I especially like the raw Caad10 frame. I once bought a raw System6, but unfortunately it had a crack in the down tube.

Nice job getting the bike under 6.8 kg. The only thing I would change are the green pedals and those brakes. Planet X brakes on a SRAM Red, Hollowgram SL bike? The bike deserves some KCNC, ZG or M5 brakes.

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by Buffalo

IMGP0474 by dissemination47, on Flickr
IMGP0478 by dissemination47, on Flickr
IMGP0477 by dissemination47, on Flickr

with the vittoria diamante tires and the CA5.0s the total is 6984g

I have to admit the pedals were a horrible choice...But I do love that green so I'm ok with it. I'll try these brakes out for a bit and maybe just get sram red brakes. I kind of hate the set up of the Px's already and I can live with the extra grams from the red brakes. We'll see

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by me


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by yeagermeister

Maybe try some ti axles for the pedals. If you end up liking the function of the zero's the ti axles will be lighter and also look better than the black cro-moly ones.

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by heinrichvw

Like the bike very much. I am planning on buying this frame, but it is not available in the Netherlands. I'd like to build it up with Ultegra/Dura Ace, so only the frame is important for me. Do you guys have any idea where I can buy this bike?

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