New Project Build - Argon 18 Gallium Pro 2012 - Finished

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by quango2k

I've tried the c24's much less harsh ride :)

50mm carbons will batter you though..
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by UroDoc

I recently got an Argon Gallium Pro and contrary to views herein, I find the ride quality very good, much better than my previous old Specialized. I am 205 lbs.

There is a French bike magazine that did a review of several carbon frames and found that the Gallium Pro had a very low amount of vibration transmission, again arguing for a comfortable frame.

Just my two cents.

by Weenie

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by KH1

At 205lbs anything would feel flexi under you :wink:
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by spandexboy817

I have a 2012 Gallium Pro and think the ride quality is pretty good. It's definitely not on par with my R5 with carbon spokes cosmic carbones, but it's smooth enough that I don't mind 120+ mile road races on it with 808 tubbies. I totally agree with your comments on stiffness. I also have been surprisingly impressed with the headset system. I thought it was lame, heavy and gimmicky initially, but I have been blown away with the front end stiffness and how well it holds a line (even on poor pavement).
It could just be the super stiff/overbuilt frame. Mine weighed in at 1130 I believe in an XL with all the normal bits on it

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